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When it comes to selling a used vehicle, the first thing that you need to do is clean your vehicle up. Use a digital camera to take pictures of your vehicle and post them online on websites such as Craigslist. Please note we do not represent these vehicles and our opinion on these cars has no guarantee or warranty. If you're in the market for a new or used car and trucks, How To Find a New Car on Craigslist and How To Find a Used Car on Craigslist provide detailed step-by-step directions on finding your next car on Craigslist. Selling and buying new and used vehicles on Craigslist is easy, but one of the major problems is the existence of scam artists looking to take advantage of potential buyers. The first is Craigslist cars for sale by owner that are listed far below their market value.
In addition to performing a vehicle history report, a buyer should have a certified auto expert examine the car or truck. If you are selling a used car, beware of buyers trying to pay with bounced checks or counterfeit money orders.
This silent video posted on YouTube in March 2009 takes you through the necessary steps to add cars to the Craigslist catalogue via Lot Vantage eBay Motors software. Please remember that using others' images on the web without their permission is not very nice. Write a brief description of the vehicle and include important information such as vehicle mileage, vehicle condition, whether it is an automatic or manual transmission, and any other useful information that a potential buyer may be interested in.

If you have not received any phone calls in a few days, you may want to modify your advertisement to attract more attention. Prior to entering a negotiation you should always keep in mind the least amount that you are willing to take for your vehicle. The important points to remember are to keep your vehicle in clean condition, keep your advertisement up to date, and negotiate a great deal with the buyer. For anyone who thinks you are driving something that looks like a minivan, just let the 503 horsepower do the talking. Most ads are free of charge, and the site itself does not post any advertising on its pages (aside from the classified ones). The vast majority of buyers and sellers are honest folks just looking to make a deal, and, as is the case in any commercial industry, most sales go off without a hitch, both parties basically happy. It's always possible that the seller is very generous or just a bit deluded but that the car is in good shape, but far more likely is the possibility that car is damaged.
Taking the time to bring a mechanic with you now to buy your car could potentially save you money in the futre. Another frequent scam is the buyer who "accidentally" overpays, and then asks you to refund the difference. Advertising your vehicle on Craigslist is perhaps the best way to gain exposure in order to sell your vehicle. If you are not into cleaning, you can hire a professional to detail your vehicle for a couple hundred dollars.

If you would like additional attribution for your work, or wish to remove your listing from our site, we are happy to accommodate. Placing a "car for sale" ad on Craigslist is completely free of charge, which makes it an inexpensive method for selling a used vehicle. However, being online and therefore somewhat remote from the other party increases your vulnerability as either a buyer or a seller, and you should be aware of certain telltale signs of a possible scam. Other possible indicators are sellers who are located overseas (often claiming to be in the military), who demand that you use their escrow service, or who don't include a phone number. In such cases, do not return the money until the check or money order clears and the funds are safely in your bank's hands. While many for sale by owner website's charge to post an ad, Craigslist used cars is still free in most areas of the United States. Detailing a vehicle involves washing, waxing, vacuuming, cleaning all glass, shampoo the carpets, and cleaning the interior vinyl.
It also make it a good destination to find vehicles for sale by owner, or at local car lots.
It reminds you that it is best to review your ad before confirming your ad to ensure all the details are correct.

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