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When you walk out the back door, through the small gate, and onto the tracks be aware that the first few sets of tracks are actually in use today by AMTRAK.
As this is an all volunteer staff, (many were senior citizens), it must be difficult to keep up with all the needs.
Photo’s taken with both Nikon D7100, 17-55mm lens and Sony Nex 7, 10-20mm wide angle lens. Journeys Thru My LensHartford & East Hartford from the Founders Bridge May 6, 2016Photographs of East Hartford and Hartford CT from either Great River Park or the Founders Bridge. There we volunteers staffing the gift shop, manning the front desk, refurbishing cars and walking the yard to offer detailed specifics about these iron work horses.  All presented a smile and are happy to see you!
Perfect for teenagers starting from 14 years old, also for parents leaving work and looking for an earlier training.

They’ll put a temporary wrist band on you and you can either opt for a tour or walk the grounds on your own.
Fortunately we were warned by the volunteer who was nice enough to walk out to the back yard. We can guarantee that there is absolutely no Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, or Mixed Martial Arts program as complete as ours in the Danbury Area. I did not see any remodeled trains except for a caboose that they were in the throes of working on at the time so I didn’t go in. Come talk to us, set up an appointment and we will make your dream to train legit martial arts come true.
Photographed with Sony Nex 7, 24 MP, mirrorless camera and a Sony E […] adminHartford Hi-Rise May 5, 2016While walking through downtown Hartford CT looking for photo opportunities this building caught my eye.  It seemed so pristine and jumped right out against the deep blue sky.

It’s a serene setting with ample parking space overlooking downtown […] adminHorses – Cheshire CT April 13, 2016I drive by these horses quite a bit and decided come Saturday morning I’d get out there and take a few shots. April 9, 2016Saybrook Point Inn Marina 2 Bridge St, Old Saybrook, CT 06475 Located at the juncture of the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound is one of Connecticut’s finest Inn’s.

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