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An eastbound express led by a K4s 4-6-2 passes a westbound manifest at Spruce Interlocking. A PRR L1s 2-8-2 leads a westbound freight at Spruce Creek, where the four-track mainline narrows to two tracks just east of the Middle Division’s only tunnel. All images copyright 2005-2012 Dave Vollmer, and may not be used or re-posted without permission.
I’m Dr Dave Vollmer, a meteorologist and Air Force Lt Col stationed at Hurlburt Field, Florida.
I also have a private pilot license (not current) and enjoy golfing (no matter how bad I am at it). The good news is as an interim, I have the hardware and software to use my iPhone as a fully functional throttle! The issue is the capacitors, and the throttles having been made with a bad batch years ago.

I know several others around here who have had the repair made, and my DT300 is on its way to FL right now for repair. I grew up on Long Island, graduated with a BS in meteorology from Penn State, and have been in the Air Force since 1996. I received an MS in meteorology from the Air Force Institute of Technology and a PhD in meteorology from North Carolina State. I spent some time modeling the Rio Grande Southern in HOn3, and have modeled HO standard gauge based on Colorado and later Pennsylvania in the early 1900s.
I’ve served all over the country, in Korea, in Bosnia, and am a veteran of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.
In March of 2002 I switched to N scale, and decided to model the PRR in the transition era. I am just afraid that my eyes will go bad someday in later years and I wont be able to see anything.

I have some nice blue prints of Holyoke Mass of the B&M trackage there, and I will build that into a layout without any compression. But, it's the shaking of the hands that will take away the fun.I just told the N Scale truth.
I kinda like the Kato passenger cars, as I am thinking of getting the new sets of PC and Amtrak sets as I love to mode that early 70s to early 80s.

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