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I have attached a picture of the layout: the layout is not attached to the boxes underneath they are there for temporary support and will not be in the move.
I move a similar size layout last year, 12mm plywood sides, screwed to the sides of the baseboard, cut above the hight of the scenery, 12mm blocks in the corners scerwed and glued to the plywood, i didnt form a top it went into the removals van with the open top against the side and strapped down, appart from some losse ballast and ground mix all was safe. Mind you, some say the wire bristles cause scratches which attracts more dirt, so I use a Q tip with a cleaning fluid mostly. I unpacked a 4×8 layout that was stored for nearly 25 years and it came out just fine and it had been moved several times. Been watching your tips and comments now for about a year and decided its now or never to build my own HO layout. The card and the wrap could be used to protect the layout, then get a crate made to put the layout in. I love that I finally got to see what’s along the upper track after that first big turn past the bridge. Scenic development around the upper level is especially interesting particularly as much of it is only visible via track cam.
I Know this is late but I stock pile the posts and watch them in groups if I get a half hour spare.
Looks and sounds like an introduction to a great mystery story surrounding the scenery of a railway system. Liked it, oh by the way Diesels and pre natnalisation stock should not be used on the same train. Glad you all enjoyed, as for the question the size of the layout , it started small , but now is approx. Here you can view a selection of photos that our customers have sent in showing our products in use on their layouts. Richard sent in these photos showing a number of our kits in use, including Fiona’s Greasy Spoon Cafe, the Victorian Red Brick Wall and the Double Track Girder Bridge. Wrought Iron railings have been, and still are incredibly popular architectural feature of the British urban landscape, and here, Brian is using our Laser Cut OO Scale Wrought Iron Railings to great effect on his ever expanding layout. Stephen sent in the first batch of photos from Australia of our Laser Cut LNER Lineside Huts installed on his layout. Rick has been working with a number of our OO scale kits recently to create a new car park & fuel depot on his layout to great effect. John has been hard at work recently building a new Hornby Trakmat base layout for his son and has begun adding some of the finishing touches using our kits… The first one to be installed is the Corrugated Iron Fencing with Graffiti. Inspired by Harold’s Police Station further down this page, John has turned our OO Scale Country Pub kit into a delightful country fire station. This wonderful Crown Hotel model has been scratch-built by Allan Downes using our TX170 O scale mixed dirty red brick paper. Allan sent in these photos of a lovely O scale pub that he’s just build using our TX021 Yellow London Brick texture sheets. Billboards are a part of everyday life these days, like them or not, and Dave chose our 48 Sheet Modern Image Billboards in OO as his first downloadable kit from range.
Quite a few modellers have turned our Low Relief 1930’s factory into a brewery now, and here, Andy has added an entrance to the front and a very impressive clock to the roof. Alan has really gone to town with the N Gauge Low Relief 1930’s Factory on his new layout! This solar powered model train set is just one of the different displays you will see on the solar bus.

I did do some professional enlarging for one backdrop, and just a plain 8X10 for a small piece. To take the pictures, I stood in the ditch in the middle of I-90, and took one to the left, one to the middle, and one to the right. The contributions of each person their sharing experiences and knowledge is a treasure trove that each of us can use on our own model railroad. David, just wanted to say that you are doing a sterling job and look forward to every installment or update that you post. It has been incredible to find a place where a complete novice can watch, listen, and learn. My current activities are completely focused on Jacob, my grandson, who will be four in November.
For anyone with any interest at all in model railroading (as we Yanks call it), it would be quite impossible to get fed up with Dave’s railroad. The creativity, brilliance, and the words of encouragement I see here have really emboldened me to make my own layout.
I am looking for an over-the-tracks pedestrian bridge similar to the one on the last layout. As a ‘video guy’ may I ask how you shoot, edit and upload the videos you show us?
A selection of video clips of a number of layouts seen at the 2014 York Model Railway Show.
What do you use 4 taking those movies of going around your setup, movie pics is what I’m talking about ? I reinforced this with planed 2×1 timber battens on the outside ends and two equally spaces between that allow fingers to get under to lift. I’ve always used the fibreglass pencil on my stuff but have suffered some failures of the little plastic cardan shafts that carry the drive from the motor to the trucks on my electric locos. I always get a Smile and a Chuckle watching Dave’s Video’s they are beautiful and so entertaining!
Was there a follow up to this where he explained the how to with photos or diagram’s? The layout is very well designed, space well utilised and a wide range of operating options evident. The truck cam shots are well judged and exciting and the overall film as put together is a real tour de force of how rail models can be filmed. I was disapointed when it ended, but I fear the thought of Godzilla making an apperance in upcoming episodes. You can also spot the low relief 1930’s factory in the background, plus the odd customisable road sign too. It’s a fantastic adaptation of the kit and another that I’d never imagine would be possible! So Dave came up with a different use for our Electricity Sub-Station kit, instead of using expensive Hornby plastic point motor housings, and it worked a treat!
He’s also added other interior detail to including tables, chairs and of course a selection of figures. I love scenes like this as they get your imagination flowing with ideas about what might have gone on here in the past, the business that made this its home and the story behind how the building ended up looking like it does now.
The brick paper contrasts well with the Tudor style construction to the upper sections of the building to create a very pleasing model indeed.

With rising power costs it could be an idea for many model railroaders to start considering solar power for their model railroads. I made sure there was “overlap” of the three exposures (Yeah, it was a 35mm camera, years ago) so that there were no gaps.
It is N gge made in the old briefcase I used to carry to work in the Copperbelt mines in Zambia in the 1980s. I am a beginner but through your updates i have learnt much about modelling and am just beginning to start a layout of my own. It is such a pleasure to read the many contributions and to learn how to create the environments. I’ve been buying him Thomas the Tram Engine and his friends, various sets, books, and videos since his last birthday. One major reason that I have this e-mail go to my oldest e-mail account and the first one that I log into when I go on-line. So in the [hopefully] NEAR future, I expect to begin some occasional active contribution here. Internally I cut 2×2 posts that rested on the scenery in selected places to support the top.
They particularly didn’t seem to like the trucks turning sideways or at an angle during cleaning, I guess because this brings the ears at the end of the shaft close to the edge of the recess in the flywheel.
I can not really bear the thought you are going to “rip it out and start again!” (Although I understand you perfectly, as clearly this is a hobby for life and the job is never finished!) Anyway just a big thank you for sharing your wonderful Layout with everyone and I for one will look forward to your next exploits and if I ever come across you, perhaps in some exhibition around the country, I will say hello and thank you personally!
Here Chris has built it up ready to install on his layout and has done a lovely job indeed. My uncle purchased a rurale rambler set from Honby when I was 2 years old and have just found it recently. When I was a kid I had an HO race track that was decked out with lights, buildings and scenery. It’s been quite a few years, and now, I own my own condo, and I am planning an N gauge table-top for my living room.
With production quality like that, put into a short story format of your layout, I am sure it would be a hit on YouTube or other video hosting sites. I wanted to let you know that watching your updates gives me the courage to give a go myself and hopefully be able to come out with a worthy layout for everyone to enjoy. Always wanting a railroad set though and being disabled and having the time to put into it, got me thinking. Im thinking of getting a pair of their desert boots, does the build quality seem up to par?i»?k3304: this is a liberal jewish attack against one white woman. I designed a layout on my laptop, along with some signs and billboards promoting the weekend races. It took just a couple of hours to cut and make, and a couple more to build around the layout.

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