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Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Question: I have spent quite a bit of money on my DCC  layout only to discover that Computer Control via my PC would be the next logical step for me. CTI Electronics of Baltimore, MD is a developer of model train Computer Control software (not free) and associated interface hardware  that will permit your DCC model train layout  to run your trains and associated model railroad accessories using an IBM Compatible Personal Computer (PC).  Basically with the CTI scheme your present manually operated control panel is replaced with your PC screen. Of course your PC screen with the help of CTI software and an array of  hardware control and sensor modules which  CTI refers to as Train Brains becomes a rather sophisticated train control panel.
With the Train Brains it will be possible to control various railroad functions turnout control, track signal control,  detect and display train position, and detect and display turnout position, just to name a few.  In addition there will be true interaction between track signals, train speed and direction providing true model train speed control.
Train Brain sensor modules are compatible with various types of sensor components such as Infra-Red, Photo cell and Current Detection.
The CTI Smart Cab Hardware Module provides a pop-up throttle display onto your PC screen integrated with other Train Brains effects in lieu of using your own  DCC controller (Throttle).
If you have a DC layout with blocks that are used to operate more than one train on a track, also lends itself control via the CTI Smart Cab Module. You can also use your own DCC throttle for parts of your layout operation and Smart Cab for the remaining sections. In other words, use your DCC throttle without Smart cab and limit your Train Brains for turnout control, etc. JAVA must also be available as well as a serial interface, either on the computer itself, or via a USB adapter.  You also need to have a serial connection to your DCC system for your DCC computer interface. Programs Configuration Variables (CVs) into a locomotive’s decoder without using your own DCC command station. Create a Roster of every locomotive you have depicting detailed Configuration Information for the installed mobile decoder.
Communicates to decoders using JMRI programming interface, compatible with most computers and layout hardware.
SENSORS – Tool permits interface with your layout’s sensors to provide the sensor’s output, for example train position to be displayed on replica of track layout on PC screen.
TURNOUTS – Used to control and display  turnout position via PC screen, on track replica or used for semaphore operation, etc.
SIGNALS – Provides signal head control, lamp colors as a function of train occupancy detection sensors, train speed, etc.
ROUTES– Permits the development of canned program scenarios to set up a complete set of actions and reactions on a train layout by one command, such as turnout control, in addition to others. FAST CLOCKS – Fast Clocks are used in model railroading to simulate the faster passage of time which makes the train on the layout appear to run longer distances.  In particular, this tool develops an internal fast clock using your computer or it can interface with an external clock provided by other DCC system vendors such as Digitrax or NCE.
SPEEDOMETER – The tool calculates and displays the train’s scale speed.  Of course it is based on the train being detected as it passes motion sensors. SCRIPTING – In the world of computer programming, a script is a program or sequence of instructions that is interpreted or carried out using another program rather than the computer processor, (as a compiled program is).  JMRI scripts use Python, a popular general-purpose computer language, which will be used to control the model trains. ID TAGS – This tool creates Identification Tags (ID Tags) for many items on your layout, for example, rolling stock.  With the use of sensors the tool can track rolling stock position and report the time the stock was last observed. LocoNet Tools – These tools have specifically written to interface with the Digitrax LocoNet specific hardware devices such as the PR3 which will tie in to the computer via the USB  interface port  to the Digitrax DCC model train controller.
The PR2 is an interface device which allows Digitrax SoundFX locomotive decoder users to download new Project sound files and even reflash the decoder’s firmware for latest updates. The PR3  is also an interface device but is different from the PR2 in that it offers a USB 2.0 interface,  selectable MS100 mode, and is priced lower. The MS100 Computer Interface allows computer with an IBM compatible COM, or RS232 communications port, to monitor Digitrax LocoNet. Ofcourse the programming details can be found on the CTI Electronics website or JMRI website.
For IBM compatibles with only a 9 pin male DB9 type COM port connector, you can use a DB9(female) to DB25(male) adapter commonly sold in electronics.  Make sure you are connected to the correct COM port and that you have it set up as required to match the settings needed by your CTI Electronics software. In conjunction with SoundLoader software the PR2 allows the hobbyist to substitute different locomotive sounds into a Sound Project file.

The previous scheme can be expanded to include the addition of  CTI hardware and software for control of a typical group of  CTI’s Brain Train devices.
The DCC controller generates a digital signal packet, which is capable of communicating with several locomotives on your model train layout. In addition to locomotive control, DCC digital signal packets can also be used to control stationary devices such as turnouts and other model train accessories in a wireless fashion.   This is a big breakthrough in the model trains hobby.
1)      The waveform is Bi-Polar with its voltage varying between + 14 volts and – 14 volts.
2)      It is Pulse Width Modulated in such away as to provide a digital command to the locomotive’s decoder or other device containing a decoder. 3)      It is not a periodic waveform, meaning it does not repeat itself as an AC signal does. The above manufacturers will generally supply locomotives that are DCC ready (Have  internal wiring and NMRA compatible connector without Mobile Detector) or DCC installed (Has Mobile Detector installed).  In addition, locomotives are available with or without Sound Decoders.
With DCC operation, it is possible to control many trains simultaneously on the same track.
If a locomotive is of the Direct Current (DC) variety it will likely use 2 rails instead of  3 as used with the Alternating Current (AC) Lionel Trains.
A simple effective way to demonstrate railroad freight transportation at public exhibits and museum displays. On the oval to the right, the blue train takes gondolas loaded with steel coils to the stamping plant, while the red train returns similar empty gondolas back to the steel mill. Spring switches - a spring lightly holds the points to one side, so a train entering the switch always takes that route. Twin-coil snap switch machines - Relay3 not required, but does require an MRD2 turnout controller in addition to the MRD2 loop controller. To run two trains in the same direction around a single loop, see the previous page (no track switches needed).
The DCC protocol is defined by the Digital Command Control on the job radical of the National Model Railroad Association NMRA.
The first time we ran vitamin A digital bid control system we knew we couldn’t live without The Digitrax complete prepare control system is our answer for model. Http MRH DCC columnist Bruce Petrarca contrasts start of the cognitive content indium the ModelTrainStuff Model Trains and mold Train Acessories infra red wireless engineering science into an low-priced. Each CTI electronics Train Brain is daisy chained into a communications network which is connected to your computer’s COM or USB port.   See Figure below. Effectively will you will have accomplished the building of your own model railroad DCC controller. It is called the Loco Buffer-USB and is another way to interface between a Digitrax DCC Controller and a Computer’s USB port. Operates in conjunction with your hand-held controllers so that two people or more can operate your layout.
Create your own fledgling empire or work with a friend to coordinate freight and switching operations.
Hence your controller or booster must have the capability of shutting down in the event of a short. The red train, consisting of similar but empty hopper cars, then makes a clockwise circuit around the loop.
When the train 1 has entered its siding and trips its detector, the controller turns off Relay2, waits 5 seconds, then turns on Relay1. But the spring is light enough that a train exiting the other siding can push the points aside and not derail. DCC Made Easy Digital Command Control for Your Model Railroad theoretical account Railroader Books Lionel Strang on. Again the computer will interface with the model railroad turnouts using the USB or COM ports.
This program controls all your routes, turnouts, multi-aspect signals and most important, your locomotives.

Our exclusive E-Z Command® digital control system lets you independently control the speed, direction, and lighting of two decoder-equipped locomotives. A digital instruction code follows the address which controls the locomotive’s speed, direction, sounds, and lighting effects just to name a few. Even Z scale model trains and on30 scale which are not as popular can be operated with DCC. Hence, the wire size chosen must not only be capable of supplying several trains, but it must also be capable of turning off the controller or booster if a short is detected at the greatest distance from the booster or controller . In the diagram below, when Relay1 is 'on' and Relay2 is 'off,' the inside rail is positive and trains will travel clockwise. One relay will turn on if a train passes the detectors heading one direction, and the other relay will come on if a train goes by in the opposite direction. If you are indication this then there is axerophthol clean fortune that DCC ensure is newly to DCC has become the fresh criterion method of controlling antiophthalmic factor model railroad track layout. The program is ideal for all types of DCC controlled layouts whether you are in the home or at exhibitions.
If Relay1 is 'off' and Relay2 is 'on,' the outside rail is positive and trains will run counter-clockwise.
When train 2 returns to its siding and trips its detector, the controller turns off Relay1, waits 5 seconds, then turns on Relay2.
There are also DCC controllers that are wireless, permitting the operator to walk freely around the model train track layout at the same time.
As required, in order to provide adequate current to run several locomotives at once, a Booster device is added to amplify the DCC current. It is meant for manually controlling a large model railroad over a limited time, where creating a complete map of the railroad takes too much time. SO once the fishes are thrown in the sky, it's your chance to cut them and give them to Big Bear. This app gives you access to weekend sermons and inspirational content as well as provides a place to interact with each other through features like our prayer wall.
Visual appearance and usage comply to the original SpDrS60 German Federal Railway company locking table. Every issue is packed with the countrys finest home and club layouts, stunning photography, unbiased and in-depth product reviews, expert tips, layout plans, inspirational articles about the real railway and step-by-step articles that really show you how.
You can define trains, tracks, switches and signals and then watch the trains driving on the tracks, control the trains, switches, and signals.
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