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End detection - the Train Shuttle has built in current detectors that use a gap in the rail to isolate a detection section.
Station Stop - The Train Shuttle can also simulate a station stop by putting gaps in the middle.
Accessory Commands - the Train Shuttle sends DCC accessory commands (also called stationary decoder commands or switch commands) when the ends are reached.
Note: You must not hook the output of a Train Shuttle to any other DCC source, including another Train Shuttle or damage will result. DCC Train Shuttle 16-bit Address Programming Adapter (Optional)The Train Shuttle works as it comes with short, 2-digit addresses in the range 1-99 as it comes. Note: This item is a NewHaven Displays serial LCD module with a 12" servo extension soldered on. Train Shuttle DCC - Pendelzug STEUERUNG[Details]Train Shuttle DCC - Pendelzug STEUERUNG inklusive Netzteil. Our installer not only installs the decoder with an appropriate speaker but he will set up all the programming required to give realistic sounds.

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We would not want to disappoint you to discover later we just happened to be down town when you called. When the train crosses in to this section, the Train Shuttle sends the DCC commands to stop, waits for the delay time set by a knob, and then proceeds on in the same direction as before.
Use the Train Shuttle to automatically run a train back and forth for demos, breaking in locomotives or just for fun. The other rail uses gaps (either cut a gap or use an insulated rail joiner) to make isolated detection sections at both ends. For instance with a single turnout you can make a fork arrangement and have the train alternate which fork it goes down. Almost all locomotives come programmed to the default short address 3 and will work straight away with Train Shuttle. Also makes a really simple way to run a DCC locomotive with its speed and direction controls.

When the train reaches the end it crosses the gap and the Train Shuttle sends it a DCC command to stop and then to reverse direction.
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