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End detection - the Train Shuttle has built in current detectors that use a gap in the rail to isolate a detection section. Station Stop - The Train Shuttle can also simulate a station stop by putting gaps in the middle.
Accessory Commands - the Train Shuttle sends DCC accessory commands (also called stationary decoder commands or switch commands) when the ends are reached. Note: You must not hook the output of a Train Shuttle to any other DCC source, including another Train Shuttle or damage will result. DCC Train Shuttle 16-bit Address Programming Adapter (Optional)The Train Shuttle works as it comes with short, 2-digit addresses in the range 1-99 as it comes. Note: This item is a NewHaven Displays serial LCD module with a 12" servo extension soldered on.

The other rail uses gaps (either cut a gap or use an insulated rail joiner) to make isolated detection sections at both ends. Almost all locomotives come programmed to the default short address 3 and will work straight away with Train Shuttle. This programming adapter allows the programming of up to 16 long or 4-digit addresses in to the Train Shuttle.
Ignoring the transponding part, you get 16 detectors on a board that includes a LocoNet bus interface for US$120 (street price). And an easy way to do this is to use the NCE BD20, which puts a detector coil on a simple circuit board with screw terminals (I like screw terminals!). Both are fairly streamlined circuits that use a single transistor (with some resistors and capacitors) to amplify the coil current.

The long and short of it is that both circuits work, which wasn’t a surprise as both have been used on real layouts. And I now have a handle on the strengths and weaknesses of each, so I can adjust for those if and when I get around to designing something.Teaching myself enough of SPICE to get the job done was an interesting diversion.
And now I think I understand what goes on in these circuits, which is rather cool when you get right down to it.

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