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When I modeled in HO, I had a fictional regional railroad in the steam era, the Piedmont, Tidewater & Southern, a name specific enough to place it in the South, but anywhere in the South.
My layout was originally based on a branchline that runs from my German hometown to Frankfurt through some very idyllic landscape. Alleghany Midland, Cumberland Valley, even the NYSME club layout  There was also a Conrail east slope layout (early 80s era, but at the time completely modern). For research I used pictures I had available and the web.The era was to be around 1968 when there was still a lot of branchline traffic, mainly gravel, wood, the odd box and tank car, as well as slow commuter trains to the villages in the woods. I (first train set)Prototype fidelity: none - the figure-8 of track that came with my first train set. When the Penn Central merger took place - I had worked for the PRR from 1962 on - I decided I would keep the memory of the PRR alive by modeling it. Although the line never received catenaries, there was still a fast train going from Frankfurt to Stuttgart and return on a daily base.As European material sells to a solid price in the US, I switched to the Himbachel Valley RR. The areas I want to include are the station in the little town of Lamy NM and Apache Canyon which is a mile north of Lamy.

I have no idea what kind of space I'll end up having to build it in, but my plan (hope) is to one day model the northern half of the railroad from Hawk Junction to Hearst, and the branchline to Wawa. It will be set roughly about 1938-40, or 1 to 3 years before I was born, but really will stretch from about 1920 to 1942. For the southern part, I'll try to fit in whatever I can to give trains south of Hawk Jct.
In the past, I've modeled mostly CNJ, RDG and LV in eastern PA or CNJ in the suburbs of NJ but the upcoming Kato GG1 is about to change all that, and let me go after some uncharted territory and model the NEC. The CN line through Hearst was the old National Transcontinental, which never ended up becoming anything approaching a major line. The line was very light rail, motive power was nothing heavier than SW1200RS and GP9 units. Industries include a pair of sawmills and a couple fuel dealers.Mead - large lumber mill that received logs and pulpwood by rail and shipped lumber and woodchips.
Shipped lumber and also woodchips, which were loaded in CP cars and interchanged at Franz for several pulp mills on the CPR.Hawk Junction - AC yard, junction of the main AC line with the branch to Wawasouth of Hawk Jct.

For the current NEC layout the era will be 67-68, that way I can run post-Aldene Plan CNJ commuter trains over the PRR when the Trainmasters were still being used, some early PC stuff, and horribly unmaintained PRR. A photocopy of a complete system track diagram from 1952, a copy of a more recent diagram from the late 1990s (excerpt from a WC system map), a rather thorough collection of original timetables from the mid-1970s to late 1990s, some original train orders (which are neat but not super-informative about operations), lots of collected photos (slides and prints, and of course internet sources), several commercially produced videos and a few books.
I've also been running an Algoma Central list on Yahoo, and a couple of ex-AC guys are on there, and they can be quite informative when the right question is asked.
One guy used to be the agent-operator at Franz and little tidbits from him have really helped to bring some detail to traffic patterns and operations.

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