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Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Other items in the Train Tech family are the LED light effect units, these units can give the realistic effect of House and shop lighting, log or camp fire scenes and many other exiting features. The locos and rolling stock are also compatible as the couplings are very alike and will connect without problem. DCC - digital command control - is a control system for the model railway where a decoder onboard the locomotive is used to provide control of speed and direction of the motor. They can also be synchronised with other signals on your model railway layout creating a working signal control system. The Train Tech Track Tester is a simple yet effective device to test the polarity and strength of the electrical current running through the railway layout, just place it on the rails and see it light up.

Both use a mains powered controller providing a 12v variable speed supply for one locomotive.
The instructions are passed from the 'throttle' to the decoder by means of digital signals that are superimposed over a constant track voltage. The signals can be bought as a ready made model or as kit built designs which can be used with analogue railways. The Hornby Railroad range includes several budget priced train packs ideal for adding another train to your train set.
As there is always voltage at the track these functions are not related to train speed as happens with lights on direct current (DC) controlled trains. No more of those cunning control schemes that electrical experts come up with to pass trains around a big layout.

DCC systems allow double heading, and typical 'real railway' moves like adding a pilot engine or joining multiple units can be done with ease.
As there is now absolutely nothing to stop trains being driven into one another, on a medium to large layout with several operators you are likely to need a signalling system to drive by, and maybe another operator to be signalman!At the moment DCC is taking off rapidly amongst modellers in this country. We believe that it won't be long before models of British locomotives are sold with the decoder factory fitted: American and European models already are.

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