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Hello, there!My name is Bernd, I am from Austria, and I have been lurking for some time now without contributing. Hi folks,I know, I should be waiting with the gallery until Mike returns from his holidays, but when he returns, I will have to leave and then I will not be able to continue my build for several weeks. Coming to the forum in the not too distant futureFor those that havent already seen this, this is the size of the Falcon we will be builing.
A lot of people are already well on their way with this build and I am all very eager to get cracking on myself.Unfortunately most of my modelling supplies, paints etc were purchased specifically for my Yamato build. Looks like a good collection of paints and pigments -- I've heard good things about the Mig Abteilung range, though have never used them myself.If it is only a game then why are you keeping score?
I set about doing a litle tinkering today.After reading Spencers (Warthog) build diary and seeing his mod to make the armour a bit more defines I decided I wanted to give it a go as I really liked the effect.
The instructions provided by de Agostini (and in the official and unofficial build diaries here!) are a great help.

I have read and printed for referencec lots of guides about weathering so hoping that when I start it will all pay off. And, as you can see in my first image, I have fitted the gallery parts closely following those instructions. It is 0,8mm thick and I fixed it with ordinary PVA glueWhen I tried to fit the parts to the Victory, I removed more and more of the old galleryand, most importantly, I saved part No 79 (see issue 41) to give the rear panel the correct shapeFinally, I removed pretty much everything of the old gallery, except the uppermost part. But starting this weekend, I will be abroad and not be able to continue with my build for several weeks and I really wanted to see how it would look with the gallery enhancement in place.I must say that I am very happy with the result. At the same time, the height of the gallery support is already too large if compared to the original. It's really a great service!It would have been no problem, to remove the gallery parts at the early stage shown in my first post. So if one would shift the gallery panels a bit upwards, the support would be even more out of scale!

But meanwhile I had done some work on the poop deck, where the knees and flag lockers are allready glued to the gallery panelSo a complete removal is out of question. I had to remove the brass strips again and rework these parts so that the gallery meets the ship's body at the right angle. Here is the resultThen I completed the decorative strip around the stern and competed the planking of the gallery supportThe decorative strip is more or less pure fantasy.

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