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There are two versions of these, as pictured below, the standard snag arm is compatible with pretty much every alarm on the market, not only this we have made the base plate thin enough that it enables all of our indicator mounting brackets (and most other makes) to be used with it. The Deluxe Snag Arms are exactly the same design but feature a thicker base plate that we have engineered one of our Multi-Blocks in to, they come complete with the Multi-Block Roller and the thumbscrew.
Both the standard and deluxe Snag Arms feature 6mm solid uprights, we have steered clear of having balls on the tops of the arms like some others, not only are they unnecessary they cause your rod to “donk” against them when the rod is removed, after repeated use it can cause damage to polished blanks.
By the late 80's, double stack trains had become the standard method for moving international 20' and 40' containers. Our model of these five-unit cars features precision die cast metal bodies for superior tracking, even when empty.
NOKL ex-Rabanco Maxi-Stack IIISet 1 #211101, Set 2 #211102, $94.95 eachNorthwestern Oklahoma Railroad Co. SP Speedletter Maxi-Stack IIISet 1 #211001, Set 2 #211011Southern Pacific purchased a fleet of almost 400 Maxi-III's. BNSF inherited Gunderson Maxi-Stack III's from both of its chief predecessors, Santa Fe and Burlington Northern. Santa Fe may have been a late comer to double stack technology, but once they got started, they quickly became a major factor.
BNSF Maxi-Stack III Set 1 #210701, Set 2 #210711BNSF's Maxi-Stack IIIs were among the last built of this car type. Trailer Train Maxi-Stack IIISet 1 #210601, Set 2 #210611Trailer Train was established by the Pennsylvania Railroad in the late 50s and grew into a huge equipment pool shared by most Class 1 railroads. American President Lines Maxi-Stack IIISet 1 #210501, Set 2 #210511American President Lines acquired Maxi IIIs early to accomodate their growing domestic container business.
Southern Pacific Double Stack 125 ServiceSet 1 #210401, Set 2 #210411Southern Pacific purchased a fleet of almost 400 Maxi III's. CSX Intermodal Maxi-Stack IIISet 1 #210301, Set 2 #210311CSX Intermodal provides rail and trucking services through a network of trucks, terminals, containers and trains in the United States. Burlington NorthernSet 1 #210201, Set 2 #210211Burlington Northern had an extensive fleet of stack cars and a significant percentage were Gunderson Maxi-IIIs. TTX Maxi-Stack IIISet 1 #210101, Set 2 #210111, Set 3 #210121, Set 4 #210131,Set 5 210135, Set 6 #210136TTX Corporation operates a huge pool of intermodal rail cars for its owners, the major railroads of the US and Canada. These cars have a minor but important difference on each side, the name is spelled "Canadian" on one side and "Canadien" on the other. These black deep rib woodchip cars have dimensional data only and are ready for your favorite road's herald or logo.
America's railroads developed into eastern or western lines on either side of the Mississippi River from Chicago to New Orleans. When Pennsylvania Railroad took delivery of these X-43a box cars in 1950, the "Circle Keystone" paint scheme still held sway over the fleet.
This is the third Navy release of the Military Honors Series in the America's Honor Collection. In addition to carrying the insignia for Prisoners of War and the Missing In Action, this special Military Honors Series car also has the service bars for the Viet Nam conflict.
This is the third Air Force release of the Military Honors Series in the America's Honor Collection. CMA CGM was born from the privitization of the French national shipping line CGM (Compagnie Generale Maritime) and it's immediate purchase by the largest privately held French line CMA (Compagnie Maritime d' Affretement) in 1996.

There's nothing like being totally self-sufficient on the bike and the Genuine Innovations Deluxe Seat Bag Tire Repair Kit will play a key role in getting you pedaling again following a flat tire. This is the first release in S&R Models "Containers of the World" series and includes releases #1 through #8. Burlington Route had thousands of these XM-32 class box cars in a number of paint schemes, but this car was unique. Contship Container line was formed in Britain in 1968 to take advantage of the containerization movement that was sweeping the shipping industry. Kaje Transport was one of a handful of trucking lines to use refrigerated domestic containers. But 48' containers for domestic service were becoming more common and that presented a problem for the railroads.
There is no need to add weight to the containers, in fact that will raise the center of gravity. These former BN cars, both carrying the large BN "wrenches" logo, have been renumbered BNSF with the use of a BNSF Mineral Red patch and new white numbers. Trailer Train changed their name to TTX Corp in 1992 and has gradually been repainting its huge fleet ever since.
The company, which operates as a subsidiary of CSX Corporation, was founded in 1988 and is based in Jacksonville, Florida. Predecessor Trailer Train was established by the Pennsylvania Railroad in the late 1950s and grew into a huge equipment pool shared by most Class 1 railroads. The "Load Wood Chips Only" stickers are in white with black letters on most of the cars but one car in each multi-pack has them with yellow backgrounds. A couple of years later, the "Shadow Keystone" logo would be implemented yet thousands of "circle" cars would survive the Penn Central merger in 1968 and continue to serve Pennsy's star-crossed successor. A portion of the proceeds from these special releases will be donated to the National Military Family Association, the United Warrior Survivor Foundation, and Amvets National Service Foundations. The UltraFlate inflator is incredibly simple to operate and is compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves. MSCo, based in Geneva, Switzerland, serves 270 ports worldwide and commonly uses the "Land Bridge" services of railroads in North America to move Asian goods to Europe and Africa and vice-versa. There are 8 different paint schemes in this set on Arnold's N scale 20' by 8' height corrugated container body. Outshopped in 1948, CB&Q 37000 was the 100,000th car equipped with Unit trucks (a slight variation of the typical 50 ton friction bearing truck.) The car was painted apple green with yellow lettering and displayed at the Chicago Railroad Fair before joining its brethren in revenue service. In 1986, the leasing company was sold to GE Capital Services who rapidly expanded operations and made Genstar containers a common sight around the world. Initially concentrating on the Transatlantic lanes, they ultimately spread to much of the world. The containers were made from a variation on the standard 48' insulated dry box design with the cooling unit and power plant countersunk into the nose of the container. The Twinstacks, Lo-Pac 2000's and Maxi-Stacks could only carry 48' containers in the upper position. The brake detail, end platforms, container bumpers and articulators are injection molded plastic, and all the walkways, steps, grab irons and lift rings are see-through etched stainless steel.
It provides switching services for industrial customers and interchanges with the BNSF Railway.

Originally built to concentrate on domestic container service, the move toward 53' domestic containers and a huge increase in international container traffic has led BNSF's Maxi-IIIs to see more use in international stack train service in recent years. Although 53' containers were becoming more common, tens of thousands of 48' domestic boxes remained in daily service and the maximum length of an international container was (and remains today) 45'. These cars currently serve Pacer Stacktrain, most in their original paint with patched over reporting marks and numbers. Our model includes these braces, unfortunately the factory did not include them in the boxes.
Their fleet was so massive that one would be hard pressed to find a mixed freight train anywhere in the country that didn't have a Pennsy car or two in the consist. Based in Yokosuka, Japan, the 7th is the largest forward-deployed US fleet with 50-60 ships, 350 aircraft, and 60,000 Sailors and Marines.
The seat bag secures via velcro straps and stores the included CO2 cartridges, patch kit, and tire levers. The TRAC Lease fleet is operated separetly from the Interpool container fleet so it is common for other lessor boxes to ride these chassis. Contship was acquired by CP Ships (of Canada) in 1997 but remained a separate brand until the end of 2005. If the domestic boxes outnumbered the international boxes, the extras would be left behind. These Maxi-IIIs were owned by Rabanco, a regional waste service company operating intermodal waste trains.
BNSF determined that the 5x48' well combination (with the ability to carry 53' boxes in the upper position) was the most flexible combination while simultaniously keeping costs and train length in check. There's also enough extra space in the saddle bag to bring along a tube for additional peace of mind. These red containers make a great addition to your MSCo train or container stack and add variety to their mostly yellow dry boxes. These lease fleets permit shipping lines to concentrate on the shipping and leave the chassis management to someone else.
Like the prototype, the DeLuxe Maxi-III will fit all standardized 48' or shorter containers in the bottom position and all 40' or longer containers in the upper position. If you do want to install then, let us know and we will send you braces painted to match your model. It's truly a must-have for every ride, especially those not-so-pleasant days in which you have to deal with multiple flats. They are packaged in a plastic jewel box and include printing on the roof for crane operators. This articulated car featured five 48' wells which could each carry 20', 24', 40', 45' or 48' containers in the bottom position and 40', 45', 48' or 53' containers in the top position.
The box has vacu-formed nests with removable container inserts allowing it to be used as a storage and carrying case empty or loaded with containers.

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