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This wooden toy train set for kids is a perfect toy that gives children endless hours of immersive play.  The wood as the chosen material for the toy train provides years of durability.
However, since the railway has more than 100 track pieces with 4 different configurations, children may ask for our help to build the railway. The Thomas the Train: TrackMaster Castle Quest Set is based on the movie King of the Railway featuring none other than Thomas and Friends.
This is a multi-level track set with a few close calls in terms of obstacles including a crumbling castle grounds, a missing track piece and a dropping gate. The design of this train set has a sense of adventure with an interesting storyline behind it. The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Set has 100 wooden track sections with more than 30 accessories. If you want something cheaper, the KidKraft Bucket Top Mountain Train Set may fit your needs. The railway set comes complete with freight train3 flatbed trucks with cargo, a suspension bridge, trestle bridge, a magnetized crane ( the tower and the A frame) with levers to raise and lower the cargo. Moreover, the wooden train and the track are designed so they are compatible with the most famous railway set, so we can combine any of our kids’ train set we already have.
The set comes with a motorized TrackMaster Thomas engine, cargo car, King’s Crown and track set. The KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table will make the room neater and tidier as it also has 3 plastic bins that slide under the table for storage of the tracks and other parts.

Included in this set is a 6-piece freight train with cargo, a 4-piece passenger train and a 3-piece flatbed truck with cargo. There are 56 pieces in this set, far fewer than the Melissa & Doug wooden railway set above.
The size isn’t that big although some people do prefer a smaller track due to space constraints. If you can find a really good set, the tunnels, stops and obstacles can make a child play for hours.
He will definitely has a more vivid imagination playing with it and relating it to the scenes in the movie. The table design is also well thought out with a 1.5 inch lip to make sure the pieces are not so easily slid off the top.
Except for the wheels and uprights on the suspension bridge, the rest of the set is made of solid wood for long lasting play.
With road signs, trees and workers, your kid will have fun imagining the scene and building the landscape.
But in terms of price, it is about half the cost of the latter which is ideal for those working within a tighter budget.
The magnets that hold the train together also could be stronger so that the cars don’t get separated when the train goes uphill.
Apart from the fun factor, a kid will also have a chance to be creative as he assembles the track.

Another good thing is you can also mix and match this set with the Thomas wooden trains and tracks. It is a molded mountain with 2 waterfalls and a lake on which tracks are built over for the train to pass. There are weaknesses to this kid’s train set but the price is far more affordable with the varied accessories offered.
This is done via 2 magnetized crane assemblies that have a lever to raise and lower the cargo. Other accessories include a fire truck, police station, helicopter, trees, road signs and people. Moreover, the trains and the track are designed so they are compatible with the most famous railway set, so we can combine any of our kids’ train set we already have. The downside is it could be a little too complicated for a 3-year-old to assemble on his own.

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