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May 15, 2013 by Andrew Newton Leave a Comment Renault took over small specialist manufacturer Alpine in the late 1970s, but it wasn’t until 1986 that Alpine introduced their first new road car under Renault ownership, the GTA. These French coupes are certainly rare enough to be interesting, and with the Garrett turbocharger and slippery body allowing for a top speed of around 150 miles per hour, certainly quick enough to be entertaining.
Derby Cars For Sale Source Demolition And Pictures, Derby Cars For Sale Source Demolition And Images. Our customer purchased a nice factory RHD 1600 GTA Stradale which had lived most of its life in the south of France and was prepared for occasional mild road rally use. We modified the car, updating its specification to be suitable for the intended use of its new owner.

An updated version of the A310, it had a rear-mounted PRV V-6, steel backbone chassis, and four seats. A neat alternative to the German, British, and Japanese stuff from the same period, this car has got to be an absolute blast. Our customer wanted to use the car for U2TC circuit racing and occasional road use for events such as the annual Tour Auto road rally.
It was also light, with heavy use fiberglass and polyester in the bodywork, which came together in a very aerodynamic and striking if not exactly elegant shape.
We fitted our fully welded in race rollcage, but retained the headlining as our customer had requested, a special method was used to drop the cage in the car to allow each joint to be fully welded whilst not risking damaging the headlining material, it was then masked very carefully inside so the rollcage could be painted satin black.

The GTA may have been similar in layout to the Porsche 911, but it was more closely matched in price and performance to the Porsche 944, and although received a lot of praise, it was vastly outsold by its German rival.
We fitted our 100L FIA fuel cell for FIA race compliance, along with a plumbed in gas fire system and a new race seat and harness set. As far as recent mechanical work, all the seller lists is a new clutch and a resurfaced flywheel.

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