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Description: Customized mahogany Model airplanes, pilot training models, delivered in ONLY 3 weeks. This Fieseler Fi156C Storch (Erwin Rommel - Luftwaffe North Africa 1942) Diecast Model Airplane features working propeller. Designed to meet a German military requirement for a liason and medical evacuation aircraft, the Fi 156 Storch, or "Stork" in English, was first flown in early 1937.

The Storch's design is famous for its outstanding STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) performance. A variety of lift-enhancing and aerodynamic control features coupled with long-travel landing gear enable the aircraft to take-off and land at very low airspeeds and in extremely short distances. The aircraft saw use throughout Europe and North Africa during WWII where its ability to operate from the smallest and most rugged locations proved invaluable to the German military.

Joseph Vida set a speed record by flying from Los Angeles to Washington DC in 1 hour 4 minutes and 20 seconds - an average speed of 2124 mph.

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