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This stunning 1967 Blue Pontiac GTO Diecast Model Car features opening hood, doors and steerable front wheels. The 1970 Cougar XR7 appearance wise was similar to the 1969 model, however there were numerous changes inside and out.
It now sported a new front end which featured a pronounced center hood extension and electric shaver grill similar to the 1967 and 1968 Cougars.

No muscle car replica collection is complete without this beautiful 1968 Blue Chevrolet Chevelle SS Diecast model from the time when muscle cars ruled the road. Chevrolet Diecast Model Cars - Fondly known as the Chevy, GM's best known brand took an early lead in American car production as did the diverse line of diecast model cars.
This 1970 Gold Mercury Cougar XR7 Diecast Model Car is a great addition to any collection. Mercury Diecast Model Cars - Mercury was produced by Ford in 1939 as an entry-level luxury car. Chevy remains a mainstream American favorite and fans still recall 1963 when one of every ten cars sold in the U.S.

It was a few rungs on the ladder below the prestigious Lincoln, but far more classy than a standard sedan or coupe.

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