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The 1:18 AUTOart Aston Martin V12 Vantage is looking up to be another must-have for the fans of Aston Martin and sports cars.
But before we dive into the model leta€™s check out the real car for a couple of sentences.The V12 Vantage was first shown in December 2007 as a concept car.
Pontiac celebrated their 50th Anniversary, and a special edition of the Trans Am was released. The Pontiac GTO was relaunched in the United States in 2004, based on the Holden Monaro's V platform. The model offers an impressive amount of details but also a couple of disappointments here and there. It was made to commemorate the opening of Aston Martina€™s own design studio.The car received very positive feedback and the company decided to put it into further development and then to enter production.
Painted in black with gold accents, this was the first anniversary Trans Am package and the first production Black and Gold special edition.

Beautifully crafted 2004 Red Pontiac GTO Diecast Model Car features opening doors, hood, trunk and steerable front wheels. No muscle car replica collection is complete without this beautiful 1967 Red Chevrolet Chevelle SS Convertible Diecast Model Car from the time when muscle cars ruled the road. Chevrolet Diecast Model Cars - Fondly known as the Chevy, GM's best known brand took an early lead in American car production as did the diverse line of diecast model cars.
Beautifully crafted 1977 Black Pontiac Firebird Formula Diecast Model Car features opening hood, doors, trunk and steerable front wheels.
A great addition to any collection. Pontiac Diecast Model Cars - The Bonneville was introduced as a limited edition Star Chief convertible with a real distinction - Pontiac's premier fuel-injected engine. Chevy remains a mainstream American favorite and fans still recall 1963 when one of every ten cars sold in the U.S.
This 2005 Red Ford GT Diecast Model Car is a great addition to any collection. Ford Diecast Model Cars - Ford is the third largest automaker in the world. It's earliest models, such as the iconic Model-T Ford, are treasured in die cast collections the world over.

And you begin to see the superb ride height, the nice grille, the vents in the bonnet and those amazing wheels. John DeLorean took the wheel and endowed Pontiac with its cache as a Muscle Car and made performance a new priority.
Most die cast model car collectors have Mustang Diecast Model Cars, GT model cars, Shelby diecast, or '32 Highboy Diecast Model Cars somewhere in their diecast car replica collection.

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