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Thing is I am a noob when it comes to planes and a little background with 2-3 pics of the plane will help me (and the majority like me) to get to know these planes better. I place models on Granite for taking pics generally,hence the reflection.The pics u see arent edited in anyway apart from Cropping.

Welcome to SMC,Vaibhav!!You know already how awesome I think your collection is.Always a pleasure to see them on display like this.Keep 'em coming! I love every one of them, especially the Delta and American MD11 twins, the ANA 767 with winglets, the 727 with Boeing colours, the Aer Lingus tristar (which used to be my favourite livery at one point after seeing a whole bunch of them parked at remote stands at Heathrow), the Qantas 747SP classic, and of course, all the AI jumbos as well as the AIX 738s!

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