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The Dinosaur Toy Blog is dedicated to reviewing models, figures and replicas of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. Despite the title of the website, we actually cover all sorts of prehistoric animal toys, not just dinosaurs. If we have made any mistakes or if you have any additional information on any of the figures we have reviewed, please do contact us. National Geographic will release a medium-size Tylosaurus later this year, so keep your eyes open!
I was wondering if I might get some feedback (email included) on the relative scale of the different toy makers. Thanks for the kind comment Denis – yes, others have also suggested that we include dimensions of the figures. Only just came across the blog but suspect I’ll be a frequent visitor as its really good. My only comment is that I’d like dimensions of figures [say straight line nose to til of tail], as this helps me, and possibly others. I have seen some of the procon dinosaurs – I will be reviewing some in the near future!
Hi there….I just want to know if you could tell me how to identify an authentic battat dinosaur?

Our company has just launched a new dinosaur skeleton model which is more detailed than the wooden kits but not as detailed as some of the quite expensive kits or replicas. Welcome to The Dinosaur Toy Blog!Regular reviews of prehistoric animal toys, figures, and museum quality replicas. Each blog entry covers a different dinosaur toy and includes detailed photographs from several angles.
It was launched as a place for dinosaur toy collectors and enthusiasts to share their collections and talk about dinosaur toys, dino pop culture, and palaeontology in general.
The preview should at least contain one of the pictures, so I know at a glance whether it’s a figurine whose review I want to read entirely. However, as it clearly affects the reader experience I’ve returned the feed format back to how it was. Entiendo de que deberian de rehacer y mejorar las empresas de juguetes dinosaurios clasicos, como han hecho con el Carnotaurus de Safari, o el Triceratops, modelo reciente de Wild Safari, y a precios asequibles, seria bueno a efectos comerciales para las casas de juguetes.
Bullyland) or a length is given (Invicta, some carnegie), so it is also worth checking the actual toys.
Phorusrachus or gastornis (thanks to a walking with beasts dvd from santa!) Any suggestions on if they can be found anyone???!!
I still haven’t received the Diplodocus, but I have read that this guy has no markings at all.

If you are interested in writing a review, please consult our Submit a Review page for instructions. Please feel free to browse the threads and we also invite you to register to join in the discussions, it’s free. I carry news on new toy releases and have many dinosaur-related stories on site at the moment. It should not be difficult to identify, though, as its pose is very peculiar: it rears up on its hind legs. We want to share our thoughts, opinions and recommendations on the figures in our collections, and when possible, we provide links to help you find them as well. Pero entiendo de que no van a tener tanta aceptacion como son los dinosaurios y animales prehistoricos clasicos de toda la vida, y se corre el riesgo de que fracasen amen de los costos que supone y de la grave crisis economica que todavia sufrimos. We also have company pages that provide links to all figure reviews arranged by major companies.

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