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The Jim Henson Company and PBS Kids have some fun ideas on the Dinosaur Train website to help kids with specific skills necessary for school. Whether or not you play the great online Dinosaur Train games, here are some fun ideas to bring the loveable dinosaurs into your home. Dinosaurs A to Z (Dinosaur Train) from Golden Books by Andrea Posner-Sanchez; illustrated by Terry Izumi. I admit that this is not our first learn a dinosaur for every letter book, but we love this particular book. KateKate started The Shopping Mama™ in January 2009 when, after graduating law school, she traded in online legal research and writing for locating the best products for children.
The big box stores seemed to primarily stock the large boxed sets, the Flight, Muddy and Glow in the Dark packs, rather the full range of individual figures. Pteranodon, Lorraine Lambeosaurus, Don, Eugene Euoplocephalus, Tiny, Shiny, Stacie Styracosaurus, Buddy, Mrs.
With Buddy’s help, you can practice some of these skills while making a Stegosaurus Puppet.

Try “Playing Dino Ball Your Way” to improve these skills–and get some exercise too–by inventing the rules for an imaginary game and then playing it! Using illustrations and physical markers, kids can measure out size differences in large dinosaurs to understand their size and scale! You meet 26 dinosaurs, with fun facts and easy to understand descriptions aided by Buddy, Mr. You can purchase a single train with Buddy or Tiny all the way up to a big ol’ Dinosaur Train with Pteranodon Station set.
There eleven large interaction figures they are articulated and have chips with up to 40 words and phrases.A  They look like bigger more expensive versions of the Fisher-Price Imaginext.
The educational bits in the episodes are also an added bonus for parents desperate to justify their pre-schooler’s massive TV consumption . PBS Kids and Dinosaur Train have some fun toys and games to help kids improve skills – and have fun! Check out the activity “Even Bigger than T.rex!” at the following link and have some fun while learning about size.

We love this opportunity to bring the adventures on the Dinosaur Train to life in our playroom, and kids love to build, rebuild and build again.
We never manage to catch it on TV but having heard of it on the grapevine we found some episodes on YouTube and an obsession was born.
We can take this on the go or set up the kids to color at the table and never worry about a stained couch or colored wall. I know nothing will give him greater pleasure than pulling off the wrapping paper and seeing his beloved Dinosaur Train in the flesh.
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