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Your Dinosaur Train fan will have the perfect place to store all those mini action figures!
The Dino Track Adventure Train Set allows your child to merge both dinosaur and train play into one action-packed set!
Every episode explores something new, a new dinosaur species, bugs, flowers and other mammals that lived so many years ago, they recently started taking Dinosaurs under the sea for a really interesting part of the evolutionary tree. Even though the Dinosaur Train series is fairly new, it is already a huge hit and pre-schoolers and even their parents have boarded the Dinosaur Train craze. Children everywhere have been asking their parents for one or more Dinosaur Train toy, my daughter in fact informed me that she would like them ALL.

There are so many cool concepts that are taught during each episode, I am still amazed that my daughter knows more dinosaur names than I ever new.
Children will love their very own Dinosaur Train toy to play with, whether it be a Tiny doll, Buddy doll or one of those really cool interactive toys. Site Map Copyright © 2010 Dinosaur Train Toys 3-yr Old Web Consultant? This Boris storage case holds up to 20 of your Dinosaur Train collectible figures (not included)! The educational bits in the episodes are also an added bonus for parents desperate to justify their pre-schooler’s massive TV consumption .
Begin the adventure at Pteranodon Terrace station, stop in Rexville and then make your way to visit the Pterandon Family's nest.
We never manage to catch it on TV but having heard of it on the grapevine we found some episodes on YouTube and an obsession was born.

I know nothing will give him greater pleasure than pulling off the wrapping paper and seeing his beloved Dinosaur Train in the flesh. The set expands out to over 8 feet of deep sea track and includes a 3-car motorized train; press on the smokestack to see it go! Conductor mini collectible figures!All Dinosaur Train cars and track pieces are easily compatible with each other.

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