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You can now bring a piece of the most magical place on Earth to your own not-so-enchanted home – and we're not talking about souvenir towels. The monorail car is currently being auctioned for $169,000.00 and has yet to receive any bids, but is being watched by over a thousand users. Walt Disney World monorail ebay page If you don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars lying around to spend on whims like this, the seller is also open to trades.
So grab your mouse ears, your child leashes and your magic wands, and climb aboard this Disney getaway without even leaving your home. Electric car conversions aren't for everyone, but for electric car fans who can't stretch to one of the latest models, they're a much cheaper option to get behind the wheel of an EV.
One such clean and cheap option, the 1997 Solectria Force, is currently sitting on eBay, with a few days remaining on the listing.

In 1997, Solectria Corporation of Wilmington, Massachusetts produced a run of 400 electric vehicles based on the Geo Metro. The car was based on Metro 'gliders' straight from the factory, and fitted with a 3-phase AC electric motor and 13, 4-cell lithium-polymer batteries with around 11 kWh of capacity. Top speed was quoted as 70 mph, and acceleration to 50 mph in a sprightly-sounding 9 seconds. The eBay example has undergone a few changes, notably a new lithium-ion battery pack, which still delivers an 80-mile range. Unlike many of the conversions of the time, the company didn't disappear overnight, and became Azure Dynamics--makers of the electric Ford Transit Connect. While you will be hard pressed to find a spare monorail track for the vehicle, the seller has some other ideas for the colossal collectible.

Whoever ends up with the Mark IV train car will have the vehicle dropped at their door for free, complete with a trailer so the monorail can be easily moved. Superdupertoylover says in his post that this car is from the original fleet of Disney monorails, and that, even after 44 years, the train piece is easily restorable to its original glory. Range was around 80 miles at a constant speed of around 45 mph, and the car features regenerative braking to eke out a few extra miles.

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