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One of our favourite Disney films at WCN is Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Just released and available at Walt Disney World and Disneyland is the Nightmare Before Christmas 20th Anniversary Frame and pin set. The pins feature all the main Nightmare characters on inter-locking train, with Jack as train driver. That is because there is 2 Buford’s in a case and 1 each of the other 5 new Story Tellers then a few old McQueens. I’m shying away from the Car Toon castings, but, the Christmas motif on Mater Saves Christmas was irresistible.
Target here had one lone single Ramone Christmas Storytellers left in the Christmas section, and only two Mater Saves christmas sets, with the Shake and Gos.

I WISH I lost my cookies, we had Chinese for dinner and now I have the standard rumblin’ tummy. If anyone is interested in the globe packaging, I saw the globe packaging Christmas singles at TRU. Be careful out there in the garden section, you might find those cases that never showed up for Black Friday LAST YEAR!
Should have checked the Trading Forum, I had 8 sets available to ship, now I’m down to 2.
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I bought some of the single ones, but my son really wanted the Mater Reindeer so he will be very happy with this set. Really odd that she found the shelves full out there since I normally find all the newer stuff here and send it to her for my brothers.

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