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The idea to build Severn came from a friend on RMWeb scratch building a model from an old drawing that was originally published in a 1960's edition of Model Railway News. I have been building this since 2010 o and off and it's finally taking shape and ready for sharing here. Hi b308,I'm a bit of a maniac when it comes to traction requirements.As an example I ventured into the garage today, stuck a weighted Hornby class 101 0-4-0 on a train of 21 wagons which the loco pulled around 1st radius curves with a minimum of slip.
They are indeed oil feed thingummies, and I can't see them on the half dozen or so BR-era pics readily to hand so I assume they were removed or repositioned by the LMS. First thanks to stuartp, and others,Caley coaches do list lubricators, although by the website it looked like they may be out of stock. Geoff, I am, as ever, amazed at your progress and determination, I have not been here very much over the past few weeks and I didn't understand previously what you were talking about (thought it was plans for down the track).But now i see it was happening and how!This is a great loco choice and I do not understand why we don't have it RTR because it so obviously a great modeling proposition with a real life example for measuring plus several livery variants. Just a touch more before I go out tonight.Due to my flywheel being behind the centre line of the second driving wheel axle I'll have made the model somewhat more tail heavy that the originaldesign.
Geoff, passing one of the charity shops in the village the other day I noticed in the window a large pictorial "The Illustrated History of British Steam Railways.
A little time spent with superglue !Rather than propped together this much is now glued with attention being given to join lines to blend in and remove any unsightly gaps.This part will be slow progress, particularly while I work out how I can spray the wheels blue without getting paint on the tyres and flanges, in the hub centre, and on the rim backs where pickups have to rub.
Managed to get some time for working this again,Time to add the tank filler caps and chimney. Please allow up to 72 hours for a reply, but we are generally faster, particularly during business hours.
I have always fancied having a go at scratch building and this seemed like a good place to start. Its used a lot on finescale layouts like P4 where the flanges are near scale and thus any imperfections in the track can have a big effect on running (or derailing!). I try to have every loco able to pull 25 wagons, as much for the added security of electrical pick-up from the pressure of contact as the actual tractive ability.
I think Caley Coaches do them as a spare but it wouldn't take long to turn some up from brass pins if you've got a mini-drill. The main wheels needed a gentle filing to give a lead in to the square axle ends, without which I'd never have got them on. Nipped in and bought it.Here is a pic from withing (sorry about the page fold) its not the 0-4-4 but does show those oilers again and some more lining detail for your perusal. Yesterday a small packet arrived in the mail from DJHThese photos show why I was reluctant to use the duplicate cab rear spectacle plate.

It would seem the kit wire was to be glued in place using miniscule dimples in the 4 white metal castings. I can't brush paint as the colour I want is only available in a Halfords spray can !!Geoff T. She had first eyed one up while viewing a layout called Marske that is owned by an acquaintance in the north east. I'm thinking something on the lines of offering up the boiler to the plate in correct position, marking around the inside diameter then soldering on a piece of copper wire or such. There's plenty of weight in the body but the problem with 0-4-4s generally is that half of it is in the wrong place. I had started marking ready for drilling boiler supportpin holes, but the correct part is so much better.Although I'm very busy at present including a disaster of a burst cold water pipe above the kitchen ceiling I did spend a little time this eveningsuperglueing the cab sides, spectacle plates and bunker rear together. I decided this would fall out at the first handling and have drilled right through so the wire will never fall out !! I need to try & find what colour the cab interior was, I've heard that they were often a cream to lighten the very dark interior, although that got dirty quite quickly ? DJH MODELS PROFESSIONALLY MADE KIT BUILT LOCOMOTIVE probably Factory Assembled by DJH LMS BLUE 4-6-2 CORONATION CLASS LOCOMOTIVE CORONATION LOCOMOTIVE No.
I am thinking that maybe it doesn't really need to be a flat profile just something to locate, position and fix to.
I once tried to repair a dot matrix print head by soldering, That's when I discovered that it had been assembled with superglue. Try weighing the kit first and then weigh a similar sized loco in your stud to see if any is needed! All seems fine.I fear I'll have to use the smaller flywheel - although the larger one clears inside the boiler by around 0.75 mm !! Why did Hornby do ANOTHER Tornadowhen this with it's choice of Caledonian, LMS and BR liveries would have offered a nice exclusive product in their range.Still I now hope they don't make one, or all this effort would be a waste !!Geoff T. All just propped in place - don't shake the table !!I've also found the chimney and dome drilling dimples off centre in comparison to the boiler locating screw holding the chassis, boiler saddle and boiler together. In fact even if a brake came adrift from the chassis it would still be dangling on the other side - I hope ? I also need to order my white metal crew figures.Now I have to return to the running chassis to see where the DCC decoder will sit, sort out the wiring routes to clear all moving parts. Which means that in reality it doesn't represent any prototype so the end result is only limited by the imagination.
One each side for the boiler lower edge to sit on, then another each side higher up to locate laterally which would keep it in place on the lower pegs.

You could try a "dry run" without ballasting first!You've reminded me that I must get out the second of the Model Loco kits and complete the final assembly some time! If you jack it up slightly too high at the back it will start to lift the trailing driving axle and reduce traction, too low and the front driving axle lifts off instead.
Make up pickup wipers for wheel backs including the bogie (if I can do it?)Still quite a way to go, but I'm in no hurry.Geoff T.
I chose to finish it in post war LNER livery with a fictional number adding a toolbox from the spares box and a Westinghouse pump among other details. The trouble with that would be the minimal contact area for adhesive, which gives away the fact that I may use superglue for much of the body building. If you later discover that something needs moving you can unglue it by applying a soldering iron. In fact just toying with all the parts is beneficial in understanding the entire model build-up. The other thing is I'd have to cut that central hole to access the bogey screw, but we'll see how long it takes. My reading of the motors power demand indicates this should take the ampage and being very small will rattle around the bunker space I have. Also there's not going to be much more I can do until I either get that replacement part, or told they can't help and have to modify that incorrect cab front.Geoff T. Any product can have it's missing bits, it's the way a company recovers the situation is what one must judge them by.I'm looking at hiding the decoder under coal in the bunker, it's quite deep and should have a metal top plate to both strengthen and need just a thin covering of coal. I'm thinking of of lining the bunker with thin plasticard and replacing the fixed top with a removable plastic replacement.All just propped together to think of where I'm going !!Geoff T. Comes with in the sturdy box as picturedand with it's own purpose made, display track mounted on a wooden base with specially made clear plastic cover. EUROPEAN BUYERS with paypal adding for shipping Airsure (Estimate Only)US or OVERSEAS BUYERS using Paypal for airmail shipping Airsure. The Royal Mail cost for Airsure Trackable service is a GBP 4.50 extra charge on top of the standard postage rate quoted above plus any Royal Mail charge for full insurance.

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