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Crush the Kaiser - Where the poppies grow, a set of fast play war games rules for 1916 to 1918 on the western front. Tools of Victory has detailed battalion and brigade organisations for infantry, cavalry and artillery for the armies that fought on the Western Front from 1916 onwards. Over by Christmas covers the early part of the Great War on the Western Front from August 1914 to early 1916, and includes detailed organisations for the British, French, Belgian and German armies. The UK government's priorities for the coming year were set out by the Queen in the formal opening of Parliament in London. A fleet of six Japanese whaling ships set sail on their annual hunt in the south Atlantic, with a target of 850 minke whales and 10 fin whales.

Members of the Indian Air Force practise sky diving for a forthcoming air show in Siliguri, West Bengal.
Residents of Calcutta brave the early-morning smog as environmental groups warn of an air pollution disaster this winter in India. Includes rules for using tanks and aircraft, as well as varied artillery barrages and counter-battery fire, gas, mines and stormtroopers. These include British and Empire, French and German and also US, Belgian, Portuguese, Austro-Hungarians and the Russian Expeditionary Corps.
Allows you to fight fast moving open warfare with cavalry charges and horse artillery as well as the beginnings of the trench war.

Dollhouse Miniature one-inch scale (1:12) Visit our Store for a Large Selection of Dollhouse Miniatures.
Lots of period flavour including improvised grenades and mortars, trench catapults, rapid fire by British Regulars and ?Attaque a l?outrance? by French infantry.

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