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When one first glances at this dinosaur, we see titanic Attack and Defense, as well as usable HP, which scream for a Physical Wall.
I recommend that you replace Roar with Dragon Tail on your Groudon, as it would let any CM Fairy Arceus to set up full Calm Minds otherwise. But Disconnectedamilliontimes Groudon is NOT a Ho-oh switch in; it can scare it off with Stone Edge but it risks getting burned whenever it switches in to Ho-oh. Firstly as mentioned in the above posts you badly need a Ho-Oh check, which devastates your team.
Mewtwo can actually do a lot more damage to your team then expected, especially Mega Mewtwo Y, Psystrike does a shitton of damage to Ho-Oh and the appropriate coverage move beats everything on this team. Swords Dance might also be very useful on Groudon to break stall teams without Skarmory (Which your team minus Ferrothorn easily beats anyway). Zekrom cannot afford to switch into Ho-Oh since it can be easily burned and many Ho-Oh run Earthquake. Just a minor nitpick but there's really no point in having 0 SAtk IVs on your physical Mons, special Mons tend to run 0 Atk for reducing Foul Play and (ugh) Confusion damage but 0 SAtk really is unnecessary.
Yeah seconding this, haxiom said everything I wanted to say too haha, great minds think alike? Yeah I noticed this too but I figured that there is no point in getting rid of them so whatever. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. We've now got a subscription service, so the newest articles (of your choice) are delivered right to your inbox!
Kicking off with the first member of the team (and the main one) is none other than the never-dying Ho-oh. Groudon possesses the ability the check threatening anti-meta 'mons like Zekrom and XtremeKiller Arceus. The bird of death, equipped with a Choice Scarf, is one of the best revenge killers in the tier. With this, Arceus gains Fairy Judgment, a powerful attack capable of killing the most resilient of Dragons and the ability to spin away hazards for the almighty Phoenix Lord. You should also give Palkia a Choice Specs or Lustrous Orb, as it seems to me your team really needs the special firepower. Rock Polish Groudon would fit best, as it crushes Electric Arceus and complements Yveltal well.

U-turn should not be used without megagar imo, and Sucker Punch is very powerful and is a great revenging move so you wont miss the scarf too much. I also recommend using Choice Band Ho-oh, as it's wallbreaking power can clear a sweep for Rock Polish or Double Dance Groudon. I would change Yveltal to Scarf Zekrom, as it gives your team a Ho-Oh check as well as a solid revenge-killer. However, Groudon's downfall is pitiful Special bulk, which Ho-oh happens to have a 154 Special Defense stat.
By virtue of its typing, Ferrothorn can consistently tank Electric, Rock, Water, Steel, Physical contact attacks, and Fairy types all day long, punishing them all with Leech Seed, Spikes, and Gyro Ball. This is made even better because of the fact that Yveltal also has access to U-turn, allowing it to recover momentum lost by Arceus-Fairy, Ferrothorn, or Groudon. Arceus-Fairy can also tank attacks from both spectrums, as well as burn cocky physical attackers. You also need an answer to stall, so run a cleric such as Defensive Xerneas or even Chansey. However, the team does suffer from a few major threats that hinder the team's overall performance. SDef beats Palkia and Yveltal better but defensive Fairyceus is like your only hope against MBlaziken.
I agree with haxiom, on Ferrothorn run defensive EVs because Palkia is your main switch in to Kyogre. Arceus-Fairy is actually quite a liability to your team since Ho-Oh can easily switch-in and do a significant chunk of damage to your team.
Unlike Ferrothorn, Hippowdon, and Skarmory, Ferrothorn actually is Special bulky and a highly dangerous attack (looking at you bagworms and metal birds.
Oblivion Wing sends Pokemon to oblivion while healing Yveltal, while Hurricane is a risky move that hits harder. Life Orb Xerneas would plow through this team, as nothing on your team could take a Moonblast from it besides Ho-oh, who is easily disposed of with Rock Slide. Your team seems pretty standard; experiment with different EV spreads to improve its overall effectiveness. Ho-Oh and Blaziken are both extremely dangerous pokemon to this team, both of which can abuse your own sun and turn it on you. Oh, and creep to 96+ speed to beat base 100s like Palkia and Kangaskhan, both of which are very relevant things that Fairyceus should check. By the way, if you run defensive EVs on Ferrothorn you shouldn't be extremely concerned with Life Orb Xerneas, as nearly all of them run Close Combat to crack Blissey and Chansey and you can threaten it back with a powerful Gyro Ball.

Arceus-Dark gives your team a much more comfortable MMY check, and is also one of the best stallbreakers in ubers, capable of CMing to +6 easily, refresh to rid itself of status, recover to gain back health and nothing is immune to Judgement too. CM Electric Arceus is also a huge threat to this team, as Groudon is a shaky check to it because Electric Arceus utilizes BoltBeam coverage. As balance, you need a really solid way to stop Ho-Oh, which puts a ton of pressure on balance, and this team fails to check it solidly, which is very bad when it gets free switches on Fairyceus and Ferrothorn. Also note that SDef has a 75% chance to survive Modest +2 Xern's Moonblast, which can be important because it lets you get off a last ditch defog.
Palkia is great because it checks so much Dragon types by outspeeding and KO'ing them because of the 328 speed tier and it can also stop some Xerneas (Geomancy Xerneas that switch in on Hydro Pump). Spikes hazards are awesome, and Ferrothorn beats two common defoggers one-on-one: Waterceus and Fairyceus.
You also need a check to Blaziken and Ho-oh, whose Fire STABs Flare Blitz and Sacred Fire respectively are powered up by your Groudon.
And BoltBeam doesn't work well on Ferrothorn, so I have two shaky checks which is it enough? Palkia usually dies pretty early because of stopping a mon, but Palkia still has that 150 Special Attack which can dent a lot of things. Dark is also a great type offensively, hitting Mewtwo and Deoxys for super-effective damage. I mean, Lando-T > Groudon fixes both but you lose sun which is valuable, not really sure what you want to do here.
As much as Groudon and Ho-oh are synergized they both have weaknesses to one extremely common whale: Kyogre. The other threat here is Gengar, since he removes Fairyceus with ease and then you lose your defog which is invaluable in conjunction with Ho-Oh. Not only does Kyogre summon rain, which weakens Ho-oh, but it possesses a massive 150 Special Attack Stat which along with a 150 BP move along with rain boost will masscre both mons. Actually, Xerneas is another threat now that I look at it, Focus Miss KOs Ferrothorn and if rocks are up it's gg.
Aside from that weakness, Groudon also provides SR support which anything loves, blah blah blah, etc.

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