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Ebay members have some of the most interesting selling tactics especially on the EBay Motors section of Ebay. Always check the logbook and vehicle identification number (VIN) of a classic car before you buy.
Whether buying a classic Bentley or a classic Morris Minor, physically inspect the car's interior and exterior and take the car for a test drive. For some, the 1965 Mercedes-Benz SL currently for sale on eBay will tick all those boxes--even the electric one.
The seller says that over 600 hours of work went into the project, at the hands of a master Mercedes mechanic. Batteries and electronics occupy the trunk and engine bay, in lieu of the old 2.3-liter gasoline inline-six. Lead-acid batteries may not be the most efficient option these days, and they give the S(e)L(ectric) only 30 miles of range--but this, says the seller, has been enough for him to pop out to get groceries, go to dinner, or even get to work and back. It is still, to the untrained eye, as beautiful as any 1960s Mercedes SL--often called the 'Pagoda' SL due to the concave shape of its optional hard-top roof. Some may stand aghast at an increasingly rare--and increasingly valuable--classic, converted at the mercy of the electric cause. Should the SL ever rise sharply in price--and at $35,000, the auction car isn't as high as some--then it can be converted back and no doubt sold for a healthy profit.

If they really want to move something they usually spice up the page or pay a little extra for a highlighted or bold title. Before settling on a model, learn how to research classic cars, establish their history and authenticity, and evaluate the vehicles on offer. You can find anything from classic sports cars such as MGBs to practical sedans such as Volkswagen Sciroccos. Happily though, the car can be easily changed back, and the original matching-numbers engine and drivetrain are included in the sale. If the seller provides a service history, check whether the dates, mileage, and stamps look authentic and whether the information matches the vehicle.
Consider the availability of spare parts to ensure that you can keep your car on the road without a constant search for classic car spares. Check the car's MOT history on the DVLA website, paying attention to mileage for the last few years. Although you can expect some wear, you should factor repair costs such as reupholstery into the cost of the vehicle. Oh, and it would be electric, making it as clean as any other electric vehicle on the road. When it comes to research, online forums and the archives of motoring magazines are invaluable tools.

Although low mileage is an impractical feature to look for when buying a classic, mileage can give you an indication of how well previous owners looked after the vehicle and whether the car needs significant repair. In addition, visit classic car shows and speak to the owners of the car of your choice for first-hand advice.
Contact insurance companies to obtain insurance quotes and consider these costs before buying. In addition, perform an HPI check to ensure that there is no outstanding finance on the car. When test driving the vehicle, make sure that all gears are working, the brakes engage without pulling to either side, and the car moves in a straight line. Compare the condition and price of the cars to establish a fair asking price, and always research the history of specific vehicles offered for sale.

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