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Inject a bit of Hornby magic into Christmas with the special Santa’s Express Train Set. The set includes everything you need to get started, including Santa’s festive train, an oval track, power transformer and mat.
Santa’s special train includes his very own steam engine, a wagon full of presents and a closed van in which he keeps his reindeer. Additional track packs can be obtained to make the layout larger and even more exciting, and there is even a Hornby MidiMat included so you can see how Santa’s Special train set can grow and grow into a truly exciting model railway. All the locomotive and accessory programming can be completed on a conventional Programming Track using RailMaster working in conjunction with the PC, while all other operations can be effected while the locomotives are on the layout. The incredible contents include not only a powerful Pacific type locomotive liveried in the eye-catching Experimental Blue colours of the early British Railways days but also a modern style Class 47 diesel which is ideal for hauling the assorted wagons around the twin oval of track.
The eLink is capable of controlling a staggering 9999 locomotives as well as in excess of 2000 points and electrical accessories, when connected to the relevant number of R8247 Point and Accessory Decoders. Elink and trackmaster is great when it works , but you will be plugging and unplugging USB cables and restarting railmaster till it finally initialises the controller. Commuter travel entered a new age during 2009 when the sleek and revolutionary Hitachi Class 395 entered service. This state of the art train with twin power source motors quickly became the train of choice for those commuters who use the Southeastern service to London every day, saving those in the extremities of the service as much as 30 minutes or more of travel time. The aim of the trains has been to drastically reduce the average commuter time from stations on the Kent coast including Folkestone and Ramsgate into London, St.
The Select control unit can be allocated with up to 60 locomotives and 38 points or operating accessories and is therefore ideally suited to those who wish to build on this train set and gradually create a fully functioning layout.
The Somerset Belle train consists of the S&DJR 0-6-0 Class 3F locomotive, two wagons (one open and one tank) and a brake van.
At the time of writing I found 2 reviews on Amazon, awarding this train set 4.5 out of 5 stars. The most famous locomotive and train in the world features in this superb Hornby train set.
The track circuit sits easily on the 1600 x 1180 mm MidiMat included, and by adding Hornby track and accessory packs it can soon be developed into a very effective model railway layout. The track circuit in this set can be extended to fully complete the included MidiMat which, with additional Hornby track and building packs, can be simply and quickly built up into a truly fascinating and effective model railway layout.
The Flying Scotsman train set is an excellent entry level model, with the obvious bonus of being a very well known train, making it an ideal gift for children just starting out or the older generation who may even remember travelling on board. At the time of writing I found 20 reviews on Amazon, awarding this train set a more than acceptable  3.5 out of 5 stars. Nothing can beat the performance and sheer awesome elegance of the 300 kph Eurostar train as it cuts through the Kent countryside heading for the Channel Tunnel and then on from there to Paris or Brussels.
The DCC-ready train set features a power driving unit, dummy driving unit and two passenger saloons.
The track circuit sits easily on the 1800 x 1200 mm (6’ x 4’) TrakMat and by adding Hornby Track Packs and Accessories Packs can soon be developed into a very effective model railway layout.
The Eurostar train set is an excellent entry level model, with the obvious bonus of being a very well known train, making it an ideal gift for children just starting out. At the time of writing I found 13 reviews on Amazon, awarding this train set a more than acceptable  3.9 out of 5 stars.

A "Starter Set" is a model train with a power supply and enough track to make a circle or oval. The power supply is adequate to provide power to a track loop several times the size that comes with the train, so that is a good investment, too. In other words, with a Bachmann On30 starter set, you get a complete train that is a detailed, accurate model of a real-world train that once served customers in North America, along with a quality reliable track plan and power supply - everything you need, not only to get started, but also to run smoothly with little maintenance once you have got started. Update for 2015 - With all of the nice things I've been saying about Bachmann's starter sets, this announcement is a little embarrassing.
That said, if you click on an Amazon link for any 0n30 train, scroll down to the "Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed" section, on the off chance that something has been added recently.
We are leaving this page more-or-less intact since we hope to be able to post more trains in the coming year, but in the meantime, we are sorry for any inconvenience.
Note about Availability and Pricing: Before Bachmann started making On30 trains, only a few handcrafted brass pieces a year were usually available for On30 hobbiests, and the market was very small.
Note about Suppliers: While we try to help you get the trains and other products you want by recommending suppliers with a good record of customer service, all transactions between you and the supplier you chose to provide your trains are governed by the published policies on the supplier's web site.
All of the Bachmann On30 train sets shown below look great with display village structures, model railroads, and even - in case you wondered - Christmas trees.
The Colorado & Southern "Rocky Mountain" set comes complete with: a lighted 2-6-0 steam locomotive and tender, three freight cars, a caboose, 56 inch x 38 inch oval of nickel-silver E-Z Track, magnetically-operated E-Z Mate knuckle couplers on all cars, under-track magnet, Spectrum power pack, and helpful video with assembly instructions.
About Extra Track - The train sets on this page come with an oval of track that is about 38" x 56", although if you order a subscription train, you don't receive all of the track and power supply right away. Automated On30Streetcar Set - Bachmann's On30 Street Car set is the perfect solution for display villages that aren't big enough for a loop of track. Single-unit pieces such as streetcars and railcars, please check our "On30 Self-Propelled" page. On30 Trains that are painted for Christmas, please check out the Big Christmas Trains™ On30 Christmas Trains page. On30 Trains that are limited edition collector's items, please check out the Big Christmas Trains™ Collectible Trains and Village page. Copyright (c) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 by Paul D. The spritely little engine, in its colourful livery is more than capable of pulling such an important train around the oval of track included in this set. The eLink unit may be placed on or near the layout although there are fixings so that the unit can be concealed if desired. But I have to be honest and as my set grows I am not sure I would keep the engines without some modifications. This seems to have been a longstanding issue and it would be great if the software engineers at Hornby could find a way to resolve it. The specially prepared three-vehicle model in this set is resplendent in the distinctive blue livery of the prototype and is justifiably named the “Blue Rapier”.. The powerful 0-6-0 tank locomotive is more than capable of handling the three wagons included in this set.
Extend your set in easy steps by adding track packs and TrakMat accessory packs all the way to the full layout pictured on your MidiMat.
Additional track packs include R8221 Track Pack A, R8222 Track Pack B, R8223 Track Pack C, R8224 Track Pack D, R8225 Track Pack E, and R8226 Track Pack F.

It contains everything needed to get started with model railways, whilst allowing room for expansion.
The vast majority of the reviews are positive, although two reviewers received a locomotive with a faulty bogey assembly.
The high-speed railway service has connected London with Paris and Brussels since 1994 and won many awards, quickly establishing its place in European rail history.
Extend your set in easy steps by adding Track Packs and TrakMat Accessory Packs all the way to the full layout pictured on your TrakMat. The vast majority of the reviews are positive, although one reviewer received a faulty locomotive that was immediately refunded by the Amazon team.
In the case of Bachmann starter sets, the track is a 56"x38" oval of Bachmann EZ track which sits higher and looks better than "normal" HO track.
We only had on starter set on this page last year, and it's the same starter set we have on this page this year. The number of people modeling any particular narrow gauge line was even smaller (unless you count Rio Grande, which has a relatively large following). To get a jump start on your railroad, or to make your railroad a little larger, you may easily add additional track. The weathered "car barn" hides a reversing mechanism, so your trolley can deliver passengers from one end of your village (or your fireplace mantle) to the other automatically. E-link is smart phone compliant, allows up to 8 Smart Phones or Tablets to be connected for remote control of the layout and upgrades.
Operated by Southeastern Trains this new class of EMU will be a major part of the transport communication link during the Olympic Games in 2012 with the train ferrying passengers to and from Stratford International.
Even though it is at the cheaper end of the market, the detail is very good, with the added bonus of being able to add more coaches as & when.
Additional building packs include R8227 Building Pack A, R8228 Building Pack B, R8229 Building Pack C, R8230 Building Pack D, and R8231 Building Pack E. 56® asked them to make a model train to go with their display villages, Bachmann chose to make real model trains - models of specific real-world locomotives and cars, crafted in realistic proportions.
The Bachmann EZ Track #44501 is an exact replacement for the curves that come with the train sets. The Bachmann streetcars are models of real streetcars that graced US towns and villages a century ago. Working closely with the Hitachi design team this dramatic model from Hornby captures the shear elegance and lines of the full size prototype. The rails are nickel silver, so they don't corrode like brass or steel rails do, and they require less maintenance. Whether you are a model enthusiast who loves to build train sets or a parent looking to put together your .
In 2014, they introduced one new train (the C&S freight train below), but most of the older sets, including the one they introduced in 2013, are out of stock most places.
If you "click through" to see details on a product, and nothing happens at all, or you are routed to a supplier's home page, please let me know and I will remove the product from the buyer's guide until I can find a replacement or another supplier.

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