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Electrical Training USATM and Drive Systems, Inc., our parent company, have no affiliation with nor do we represent any manufacturer of any kind of electrical equipment.
When the voltage applied to a motor is increased the current flowing through the electro-magnets in the motor increases resulting in higher field strength and increased motor torque output.
Electrical Training CoursesOur courses are designed for candidates of all abilities and previous experience or qualification levels. This course includes vital information from the essential wiring regulations update January 2015. This course will equip technical, non-electrical qualified staff such as maintenance managers, surveyors and inspectors with a solid knowledge of all aspects of electrical installations, their maintenance requirements, common defects and faults. Learn about potentially life-saving changes made to the wiring regulations and why this is a vital update for local authorities, landlords, electricians, electrical contractors, consultants, surveyors and architects.
The course is aimed at maintenance staff, including managers who have responsibility for commissioning, managing, supervising and paying for electrical related installation or maintenance works.
Enabling you to be an informed and competent client when dealing with contractors, technical issues, legal obligations and securing value for money. Staff who interact with installation or maintenance contractors and need an understanding of the technical issues that contractors are encountering and raising with them.

If your organisation requires a large number of delegates to attend it may be more cost effective for us to come to you and hold the training courses at your site.
The mix of participants on this course was great as we all interacted and learned from one another as well as the trainer.
This course was very useful for me on a personal level as I had no incite as to how much detail goes into electrical works. The overview of the certificate information was particularly useful in this training, I now have more confidence in managing certificates and know what to look for when I see an incomplete certificate. This is a commonly used technique, especially in AC drive applications and is a very good way to gain torque capability when needed.
Moreover, we also provide electrical awareness courses for non technical staff.Testimonials"Sailed through our NICEIC assessment today! This will mean that they are better able to act as an ‘informed and competent’ client, hence improving the quality of work undertaken by contractors. In light of this course I can now ensure appropriate paperwork is in place and I feel I am now better equipped to identify issues or potential problems. Dave used great resources and had a vast amount of knowledge, which was useful not only to me but the other members participating on the course.

This technique can cause higher than normal motor heating resulting in reduced motor life.
It is recommended however, that students bring the meters they will be using on the job if possible.
We can also tailor this course to make it even more relevant to your organisation for no extra cost. The student will start-up and operate the drive in the classroom and will be faced with programming challenges. Upon completion of this seminar the student will be able to troubleshoot, repair, program, and solve most drive related problems including programming and start-up of new or replacement AC drives. While the information provided in this seminar can be applied to all modern brands of PWM type AC drives, the hands-on drive programming will be performed on Allen-Bradley AC drives.

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