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Instead of paying for another night at a hotel in Paris and flying out extremely early to catch the cruise ship from Barcelona, the hubby and I decided to take the ELIPSOS Trenhotel Train (or night train) from Paris to Barcelona. Grand Class travelers had their own private washroom, a shower, and both dinner and lunch were provided.
Tourist class fits 4 people to a room (singles will be put in same sex roomettes) and no meals.
Which you choose the times according to your limits you can enjoy with trenhotel elipsos barcelona paris, which will have delight in its beauty projects the beautiful city of Barcelona, which are tourist beauties that are reserved for travelers like you who decide to take the route along this direction, to enjoy his finest moments while you take your vacation and you also will enjoy the tourist beauties in various aspects projecting the beautiful city of Paris, which is a beautiful city that have major attractions for the travelers like you are satisfied in your trip. Best routes now live by major destinations in Europe because if you know the madrid route paris francisco train goya, must no longer wait to make the best decisions and go to meet the most desirable cities by thousands of guests seeking the biggest thrills and always, paris to madrid elipsos francisco de goya,  prefer the more comfortable journeys. Question everything for you purchase tickets and make the path madrid paris francisco de goya train, everything the world has now to give value to your rest and to feel the comfort of, paris to madrid elipsos francisco de goya,  living as you deserve, knowing the best cities, without missing the possibility to enjoy a deserved rest in good company. If you’re looking how to satisfy you with good vacation plan for Europe, the right way is madrid route paris francisco de goya train, diversity of functions and attention now to your needs so you can discover the quality of tourism enterprises by best cities in the world and knowing the great wonders, paris to madrid elipsos francisco de goya.
Please remember that all high-speed trains must be reserved in advance, so to secure your place and make some great deals over the Internet, I advise you to book the Eurostar ticket in advance to travel from London to Paris; and to make your check-in 45 minutes before departure in St Pancras Station in London.
Price range from London to Paris by train vary, so visit the Rail Europe website for best prices and special offers.
Since you arrive in Paris at Gare du Nord station you have to take the Paris by metro to the Gare d’Austerlitz, from where trains depart to Madrid. Price range from Paris to Madrid by train vary, so visit the Rail Europe website for best prices and special offers. Get yourself from Algeciras train station to the port and buy a boat ticket from the company FRS. Remember that the stamping of passports is done inside the boat so look for the police, usually where is a big queue waiting already. Elipsos Trenhotel in briefThe Elipsos train offers a smooth and relaxed overnight journey through Italy, Spain, France and Switzerland in the comfort of a well-equipped carriage.

Before you boardThe stations» The Elipsos Trenhotel’s main stations are all located in the centre of the cities, so as soon as you arrive you’re poised for action.
Check-in and boarding» If you’re traveling in a group or a pair ask about the offers available. The decision is now yours to want to give you a little luxury at trenhotel overnight train barcelona paris before your visits to various cities Europe has in store for you on this holiday, I hope you enjoy your trip in night paris barcelona hotel train. When we are gliding to travel in Europe, it is important to consider several aspects, the transport means that we are going to occupy, the cost of each one and mainly the lodging is necessary and important to take into account the costs and the types from hotels that we will visit as well as the meals and everything what we will spend in that trip, it is necessary to look for train hotel barcelona paris review.
The first places that suggest us to visit in Europe are Spain almost always and France in addition to England, the people we focused exclusively in visiting these countries before any other, the recommendable thing is Madrid, Barcelona of Spain and Paris of France, is necessary to analyze the possibilities well that they give us with respect to the train hotel barcelona paris review. If we can before have at the hand the information about the train hotel barcelona paris review, that will set a standard to us about how making one better reserve with global price that also includes the train and the hotel. It is a wonder which we pruned to have at the hand everything on the train hotel barcelona paris review, the fact to read by Internet the opinions that people do with respect to these packages has great advantage since they set a standard to us if she is worth the trouble to invest thus in packages, where include the global cost of transport means to travel to Barcelona and Paris including the lodging and foods yet. It sure will for the majority of travelers, but facts point that actually some people do take the Train London to Marrakech.
I’ll give you detailed instructions, prices and timetables for you to organize your trip to Marrakech by train.
In London, the Eurostar train leaves St Pancras Station and arrives in Paris at Gare du Nord station in the city center. The train from Paris to Madrid is made on board of the high quality train called Trainhotel Elipsos. This company has hourly free buses to Tarifa, the city from where you’ll cross into Morocco.
Fill out the paper that is on the counters and deliver it when completed along with your passport to the police to stamp it. Created in 2001, the joint venture between SNCF and RENFE is the perfect option if you want to combine the cost of travel with accommodation.

There are hundreds of packages that propose the global prices to make a trip, and these packages include the cost of the train with their own discounts, the option from a good hotel to favorable price and also sometimes that global price includes certain foods.
The two of us had a roomette to ourselves (double bunks), a sink, shared the washroom at the end of the car, and breakfast was provided. Either to avoid flying or just to feel and experience a different type of travel, the thing is that for sure it is a fantastic way to travel to Marrakech. The Eurostar train will depart every hour throughout the day on a journey of only 2 hours and 15 minutes doing the London to Paris route through the English Channel.
In a quick search you will find train tickets from London to Paris as low as ?46 pounds and not more than ?80 pounds.
This excellent train has seats, bed tourist class (possibly the best option), and places bed top-class but at higher prices.
In a quick search you will find train tickets from Paris to Madrid as low as ?58 pounds and not more than ?100 pounds. You can travel from London to Morocco in just 48 hours or stop in Paris and Madrid for a couple of days and do some sightseeing on the French and Spanish capitals.
Ferry-boat from Spain to Morocco takes about 35 minutes and you’ll be amazed with this trip. Below i made a small video of the arrival of the ferry-boat in Tangier, the boat between Spain and Morocco. Boats between Tarifa and Tangier run every house starting early morning at 7am or 9am depending of the season.

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