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Be kept up to date by Nigel Roebuck, Mark Hughes and Damien Smith as well as updates on the new archive.You can also gain access to exclusive web content on the Motor Sport website. AS RARE AS THEY COME, Only 67 E63 AMG Wagons were sold in the US in 2007 and this is the best color combo they made. Time is about to run out on this listing, but I thought it was worth a post since we love to track market values and no reserve listings are a great way to do this. New Listing is up and following your suggestions, I took some more AMG Wagon worthy photos! Please note we do not represent these vehicles and our opinion on these cars has no guarantee or warranty.
The presentation in the photos is a little too honest, a professional detail is definitely in order when selling a car of this calibre. We curate the most interesting american cars for sale almost every day.Do you share the same passion as we do?
The new design, boasting 16 square feet of luggage space or 28 with the rear seat folded, retailed at 1,460 plus 834 purchase tax.

With over 500 horsepower on tap and paddle shifters the E63 AMG makes one awesome and practical car.
If you would like additional attribution for your work, or wish to remove your listing from our site, we are happy to accommodate.
This is a scarce ride so it will be interesting to see where the price ends up, we’ve noted before that these monster German wagons have cult like followings.
Constantines kept the car until 1969, from them it passed to a greengrocer, then to a triumvirate of owners.
Fully serviced only at Factory MB Dealer, last service was just this week to prepare it for sale.
By the late 1970s it was in the possession of the White Horse Distillery in Scotland, where it is believed it was used as guest transport.
It has Mercedes DVD players in the rear headrests complete with separate headphones, a must if you have kids. Later becoming the property of a London publican, it was rescued by the current owners in 1985 after many years of outside storage.
The vendors immediately set about returning the Estate to the road, and after sourcing a replcaement gearbox through the Humber Club, and basic refurbishment this was accomplished. Frustratingly it had only begun to be used when a fire broke out in the building in which it was garaged.

This time the work required was more cosmetic, but it was attended to very thoroughly, taking the front end back to the bulkhead for repainting, then the rear wings also.
The engine stripped down, a crack in the block repaired, the interior retrimmed and all woodwork sanded and finished in cellulose. Pics are not the best and don’t do the car the justice it deserves, i will take better ones this week the first decent day we get. Today, the restoration has mellowed to give it an appealing and appropriately usable appearance.The Humber is certainly a sociable post-war Estate with considerable charm, and on the road, as this cataloguer can attest it draws contented looks from all it passes by. You may be able to extend the Mercedes Benz factory warranty pending certain restrictions, contact me for more info.
These things are very rare, even rarer to find one with this color combo, options and low mileage. They almost have a cult following in the car world, not a lot of car companies make a sporty wagon these days, definitely not many making a 507 Horsepower V8 Monster!!!

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