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We  were so proud of our entry to the Chicheley Hall Flowers Competition  this week!  Will do a full write up asap   Hope you like him! 70 top things to do in Teesside according to TripAdvisor: How many can you tick off the list? With warmer weather just around the corner, where can you make the most of our beautiful area?

These a€?top attractiona€™ lists for both Middlesbrough and Stockton have been compiled using information from online review site TripAdvisor. All we could see was a table, chairs, and a stairway leading to what must be a second story.  We watched carefully for any sign of occupants but the book house seemed uninhabited. It’s also been intriguing to see what books and combinations of books they’ve chosen to colonize.  What do you suppose An Outline of History  and Electronic Tables  have to do with each other?  We are trying to understand the logic but then again, these are Fairies and human logic is not a strong operating principle.

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