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A woman identified by police as 66-year-old Patricia Ward was found dead just before 8 p.m. About 1,000 feet away, her son, 35-year-old Derek Ward was found dead on the train tracks, according to Nassau County police. A police spokeswoman would not say how Patricia Ward was killed but witnesses said she appeared to be the victim of a beheading. Ward was a popular assistant professor at Farmingdale State College, according to officials. So two attacks from the Religion-of-Peace in New York… Expect a stern memo from D-Dag de Blasio regarding Work-Place Violence. ALL OF YOU PREPARE TO GIVE YOUR HEADS, THE GOV WILL BE TAKEN THEM SOON ENOUGH IF YOU DO NOT TAKE THEIR VACCINE OR THEIR MARK OF THE BEAST. First, I find it hard to believe that there were no incidents of domestic violence reported by this mother.
The female victim has been identified by Farmingdale State College officials as Patricia Ward, a longtime professor at the university who taught language arts. Witnesses told the Post they saw the man drag the Ward's body out of the building and onto the street, where he kicked her head some 20 feet before going to a nearby railroad track and jumping in front of an eastbound Long Island Railroad train approximately 25 minutes later.
On the street in front of the apartment, witnesses described a gruesome scene first thought to be part of a prank.
Witnesses told the Post that some of the woman's neighbors initially thought the headless body in the street was a Halloween prank, only to discover the body was real after attempting to lift it. Witness Jack Imperial, 41, of Queens, was taking a taxi to a meeting when he came across the grisly scene, he told the New York Daily News.
Police did not initially cite any connection to terrorism, although the incident recalled last month's horrific attack in Moore, Okla., in which an ex-con and recent convert to Islam beheaded a former co-worker at a food processing plant.

Always trust your instincts -- despite her apparent name, that woman's face screams Jewess, and a particularly ghoulish one at that. Police believe that Derek Ward underwent a psychotic episode due to the recent death of his grandfather. In the case of the truncated woman it's also not likely to be her birth name, but her married name. No further idea if there may be a jew in the woodpile, so I can't call it until there is further evidence. Tuesday outside an apartment building on Secatogue Avenue in Farmingdale, near the LIRR station, officials said. Those of you who jumped the gun to talk about that are mentally ill and should check yourselves into an institution. What certain precincts are doing is failing to take a report when domestic violence is involved or altering the report to reflect the type of incident that is not considered considered domestic violence. Police said the woman appeared to be in her 60s, while the killer appeared to be around 30. Police said his body was found about a mile from the apartment, where the two had moved recently from the neighboring county. Also last month, a 25-year-old British man beheaded an 82-year-old woman who was gardening in her yard when she was attacked. Many Jews Anglicized or Americanized their Russo-Jewish or Germano-Jewish surnames generations ago upon setting foot here in the Goldene Medina. Oftentimes, all it would take to prevent the escalation of a volatile situation is to have the police say is “You cannot do this. However, very frequently, police do not want to come to the house to prevent the intensification of an unstable circumstance for fear of being sued for not doing their jobs properly.

Thus, the mother’s choice is to abandon the child to whom she gave birth or persevere, hope the situation improves, and suffer in silence.
Professor Ward was a professor for students, most of whom lead normal lives, and, fortunately are not seriously afflicted by any handicapping conditions. Imagine the embarrassment, suffering, and heartache, Professor Ward felt because her son had a problem and she could not help him.
When her son killed Professor Ward, he was probably out of his mind with anger, not realizing the consequences of what he was doing. Once he came to his senses and understood what he had done, he was probably filled with remorse and killed himself. Although domestic abusers appear to be bullies, they are in reality, very weak individuals, and usually they cannot live without the victim.
Although I am not familiar with this mother, I am sure this mother attempted to help her son medically by communicating with her son’s doctors. This is a sad commentary on the police department, mental health professionals and our society.
This was a tragic loss, and many of the comments posted reflect the lack of compassion, lack of understanding, and unwillingness to help those in need of financial, spiritual, or emotional support.

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