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Testarossa (“red head” in Italian) was the named used by Ferrari for their car produced in 1984. The wheels of Testarossa are by Michelin (International version) and Goodyear (US version). Classic Ferrari cars for sale: Search Ferrari collector cars, Ferrari muscle cars, Ferrari street rods, Ferrari hot rods, Ferrari project cars, Ferrari barn find, Ferrari rat ride, Ferrari Coupe, Ferrari Sedan, Ferrari Convertible and more.
The name was chosen by Ferrari and Pininfarina to describe the red-painted cam covers for the car similar to redheaded women. It had the five-speed manual transmission that was mounted on the wheels on the rear that gives off power.
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The models on our website include the following: Ferrari F12berlinetta, FF, 458 Spider, 458 Speciale, Ferrari California T, 458 Speciale, 430 Scuderia and Ferrari Testarossa and many more models and types. During this time, the left-hand drive version of the car (for Europe) has been released the same year but the right-hand drive version was released in Spring 2005 and the North American sales have begun only in the summer of 2005. Its weight distribution of 40 percent at the front and 60 percent at the rear was due the read, mid-engine, rear-wheel drive. A convertible version, called Testarossa, was built by Ferrari and designed by Pininfarina for Fiat’s (Ferrari’s mother company) late President Gianni Agnelli.
This model have the heritage of Ferrari with Enzo’s tail lights and interior vents, Testarossa’s side mirror (with the name F430 etched at the back) and the large oval openings at the bumper like the Formula One race car 156 “shark nose”. This a limited slip differential computer that varies that distribution of the torque based on its inputs.

Though requests have been made for this model, Ferrari have refused to release another car so unofficial versions have bee released by Pininfarina and other conversions firms. Its “cheese graters” was the solution for the overheating cabin due to the twin radiators in the rear instead of the usual single radiator in the front. The side strakes (cheese graters) also improved the stability and the handling due to the widening of the car.

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