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Next weekend the music industry will celebrate another year of great sounds by handing out awards to its brightest stars. The Beats Audio™ system made its FIAT debut a year later, in the new FIAT 500.  What makes the Beats Audio™ experience unique to the FIAT 500?
Now available in all 2013 FIAT 500 models, our segment-exclusive 368-watt Beats Audio Premium Audio System™ includes six a-pillar, door and rear-quarter-mounted speakers, along with an 8-inch Dual-Voice Coil (DVC) subwoofer operating Beats Audio’s™ exclusive Digital Sound Processing (DSP) algorithm. Through that careful blend of hardware (the speakers) and software (the algorithm), the Beats Audio™ system provides a listening experience as close as possible to what an artist intended in the studio – an experience enhanced with USB connectivity for your MP3 player and SiriusXM Satellite radio available on all 500 models, and the hands-free audio controls that come standard across the 500 line. You can learn more about all of the audio systems available in 2013 500 models at FIAT USA.

Beats audio is really disappointing, way too much bass no possible way to equalize the sound, already thinking to remove it. But if you’ve been cruising in a 2013 FIAT® 500 equipped with a Beats Audio system, then your own musical celebration likely started long ago. Dre brought Beats Audio™ to the automotive industry, working directly with engineers to design and tune an exclusive 10-speaker sound system first introduced at the New York Auto Show. The Fiat 500 is a car produced by the Fiat company of Italy between 1957 and 1975, with limited production of the Fiat 500 K estate continuing until 1977. He sought to deliver the full spectrum of sound experienced in a real recording studio by combining science and artistry in portable audio equipment such as headphones and notebook computers.

Dre personally worked with FIAT engineers across all FIAT 500 models to create a sound experience customized to the shape and size of each individual 500 model.
Fiat should be ashamed of themselves and every dealer who sells this car with the beats radio and it.
Installed the Focal Expert PS 165s and wow,, very crisp, the tweets are money you can actually hear some highs and mids.

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