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June 2012 some food prices have increased & this is noticeably with less cars on the roads in Bangkok?
ON Soi Boukhao they have sold it and now called Follys Restaurant June 2010 and the Robins Nest Restaurant is still in Soi Diana.
The cheapest fast food is on 2nd Road by the Soi Diana or at the Corner of Nuklua where the Dolphin roundabout is. Open 24 hours they serve cheap western foods and breakfasts all day every day and night and hard to beat 65 baht hamburgers. If you have a restaurant in Pattaya and want a review just email us and we advertise your Restaurant or Buffet on our website for free.

It pays to have US$ but travellers cheques are OK but watch your wallets and the kratoeys who have recently in April 2009 getting to be a pain robbing unwary foreigners. Best value foreign meals with roast dinners etc served 24 hours every day and many specials to choose from.
Very popular place to eat and good fast service this is one of the best and cheapest fast food outlets in Pattaya. There just to many Hotels and Guesthouses to write about and you can get long term condos from 3500 baht to whatever but most are around 5-7,000 baht for a nice room. The steaks are the best in Pattaya and cheap --- where else in Thailand can you buy fillet steaks for 50 baht each????

Veges are dearer than the markets but they have to pay rent and bills so its understandable.
A favourite with many of the foreigners coming to Pattaya and they have cheap accommodation upstairs for 500baht?

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