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At the end of 1951 the Formula 1 grid got orphan of Alfa Romeo,the first world champion of the competition with Giuseppe Farina and Juan Manuel Fangio. The Ferrari F500 is a Formula 2 racing car that lead Ferrari and Alberto Ascari to World Championship title in 1952 and 1953. The lowest in weight loss and performance but provides increase of machine performance with minimal noise volume, but definitely improves the exhaust tone.

Its far better to be the best rider in the group than to be the fastest rider in the group.
In order to promote the competition and guarantee the show, rules were fitted to allow Formula 2 racing cars to compete for the championship ( meaning cars could be motorised by atmospheric engine 2000 cm3 or by supercharged engine 500 cm3).
The engine of the Ferrari F 500 is a 2 litres 4 cylinders developping 170 HP at the begining was developped by engineer Aurelio Lampredi.

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