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The bus between Boston and New York City is roughly 5 to 6 hours, depending on your driver and route. For some, the Fung Wah is a line to keep in mind if you’re planning an impromptu weekend trip and you don’t have a set schedule. If you’re usually a bus traveler and regularly take a bus from Boston to New York, your train station might differ from those of your former bus line. With Amtrak train service and plane tickets as high as $200 or more per fare, travel between Boston and New York City can seem out of reach for many. If you plan on visiting NYC or Boston, one bus line you might want to look into is World Wide Bus. World Wide Bus Line Service features on board extras that ensure you arrive at your destination comfortably.
Greyhound Bus Service Boston To New York Greyhound is a nationwide bus line with routes to major cities in the US and Canada.
Boltbus Fares Boston to New York For $1, We Show You How… It’s not easy to travel on a budget. In the 12th District, the Seattle Branch serves Alaska, and the San Francisco Bank serves Hawaii.
If you're in the Boston area, you can easily make a day trip or weekend getaway to New York City and see them yourself. Definitely take in a Broadway show if there's time, and rather than blowing your budget on a nice dinner that you won't have time to linger over, grab a hot dog or prix-fixe meal in Times Square before or after the show.
Go deeper into Central Park, either with one of their free walking tours, or biking or blading. For discount shopping, which is always a hit or miss experience, Century 21 is near Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty and Wall Street. If there were still any doubts whether the Fed would delay its "consensus" June rate hike, those just died a quiet death as a result of the latest "GDP-crushing" weather update, which according to the weather channel, will see Winter Storm Juno, currently located just south of the Great Lakes, transform into a blizzard for the Northeast Monday and Tuesday, and which will result in the accumulation of more than a foot of snow in places likes New York City and 2 feet or more in Boston. According to the Weather Channel, blizzard watches have already been issued from parts of southern New England, including Boston and Providence, to New York City and northeast New Jersey.
Moderate-to-heavy snow likely from portions of the coastal Mid-Atlantic (New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania) to New England. Flight cancellations, major delays and possible airport closures late Monday through Tuesday. Lighter snowfall from the Midwest to the central Appalachians and Mid-Atlantic Sunday into early Monday. Some more tips from the Weather Channel: "Now is the time to prepare and make sure you have the supplies you need for this major, possibly historic, winter storm. A widespread area of 1 to 3 inches of snow is likely from parts of northern Illinois through northern Indiana and Ohio. By far, the heaviest snowfall amounts from Juno are expected from eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey to New England.
Parts of eastern and southern New England, including Boston, Providence, Rhode Island and Portland, Maine, have the potential to see up to 2 feet of snow. Snowfall rates of more than 2 inches per hour are possible during the peak of the storm Monday night into Tuesday. Monday evening through overnight: Juno's peak impacts begin and continue through the overnight from parts of eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey through New England. Tuesday: Peak impacts from Juno continue from New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania to New England. Tuesday Night through Wednesday: Snow continues in New England, winding down from south to north. The storm may prompt the virtual shutdown of large portions of New Jersey, southeastern New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island between Monday night and Tuesday night, as it whips up winds gusting to 70 miles per hour or more, along with snowfall rates approaching 4 inches per hour at times.
The timing of the worst weather looks to be between late Monday into Tuesday for New York City, where forecast uncertainty is a bit higher than for southern New England, since it could on the western edge of the areas of heaviest snowfall. A blizzard watch means there is a potential for blizzard conditions, whereas a blizzard warning would indicate a high likelihood of imminent blizzard conditions. Finally, the biggest question is for Bill de Blasio: will NYC's relatively new mayor learn from last year's poor snowfall removal embarrassment or is even more humiliation about to be piled on the mayor who is now actively boycotted by at least a portion of the New York City police? One of the most uncertain aspects of the forecast concerns locations on the western periphery of the heavy snow shield.
This would include places like the Hudson Valley of New York, New York City and much of central and northern New Jersey. This storm could prove to be a major test for New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio, who was criticized last winter for the poor snowfall removal performance of city plows during a more modest storm. The big northeastern cities have yet to see a major snowstorm so far this winter, which could heighten the impacts of a powerful storm like this — much like a heat wave that hits in May rather than in August, when people are more accustomed to hot temperatures.

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Is this New Yorkers claiming that they turn into big flobbedy pussies when it snows, or is this the BLS claiming that New Yorkers turn into big flobbity pussies when it snows? The only remarkable thing about this winter in the NE is that it has been very mild due to the El Nino. Moar Global Warming® (since rebranded Climate Change®, since rebranded CO2 Pollution®, since rebranded Climate Disruption®) please. Mayor Fugazio is busy turning NYC (especially Queens) into a third world shithole full of illegals and diseases not see since before WW2. This city package to Boston & New York includes your hotel accommodation and Amtrak rail travel between the cities making it the ideal way to introduce yourself to 2 of America's most popular destinations.
After your 3 night stay at the comfortable Midtown Hotel, take the Amtrak Train to New York, America's most vibrant city. This bus line is known by New York and Massachusetts students as a low-cost method of travel between cities. This may be why for college students and people on a tight budget– affordable bus service has become the most popular form of transportation between major cities along the East Coast of the United States. The exact duration of the trip depends on your driver and the timeliness of your departure.
Add an Off Broadway Show, nice dinner or night club and definitely check to see what cool monthly events are happening.
I love the Village, SoHo and Meatpacking areas, all filled with culture, nightlife, character, the arts and shopping.
But there is nothing like one of our Sample Sales if you are in town when your favorite brand is there. Heavier totals of up to 4 or 5 inches are possible in a narrow corridor through central Ohio. Snow and strong winds will create blizzard conditions, making travel very dangerous or impossible.
Blizzard watches are in effect for northern New Jersey and New York City from late Monday into Tuesday night, with snowfall totals possibly reaching as high as 2 feet even in the city itself. Snowfall totals in these areas could range from a relatively modest 6 inches — if the storm drifts just a bit further east than currently forecast — or closer to 2 feet, as currently forecast for a track that hugs the coastline. A weaker storm did bring several inches of snow over the weekend, but mainly to inland areas of southern New England. Because a winder storm in the winter, now that is truly unprecedented, especially when it happens for the second year in a row. People have forgotten about what the weather is when the AMO turns down and the La Nina strikes.
Enjoy the hustle and bustle of Midtown and the Times Square area, the glamour of the Upper West Side or experience the laid back lifestyle of Greenwich Village and the chic SoHo area. We're officially sick, and our sickness has created in us the habit of journaling during our trips so we can remember the details years later when we've gotten old and our synapses don't work as well.
If you have an extra hour or two before boarding in New York, be sure to stop at one of the several great Chinese restaurants by the station. Lucky Star is also a reliable line, and both offer great last minute deals through Gotobus. It’s also used by those who don’t mind giving up key comforts in return for a cheap ticket. If you’re used to reserving your seat, you should know that the Fung Wah is known to overbook their buses. As someone who has frequented a number of bus lines that make the Boston to NY run, I suggest setting aside a little extra time to look into other bargain bus lines.
However, Amtrak does offer different travel services that might make the extra fees worth it. When purchased a month or two in advance, you can reserve a round trip coach fare for just under a hundred dollars. The terminal is just down the street from several New York City travel spots, including Times Square and the Empire State Building. By later in the afternoon, the storm will begin to crank up, spreading snow from the coastal Mid-Atlantic northward to Long Island. This small city is easily explored on foot, following the Freedom Trail painted on the sidewqalk. You might take a yellow cab, take a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty or stroll around Central Park.
But since they run roughly every 30 minutes, passengers usually end up catching the next one.

While companies like Greyhound Express and Peter Pan Bus lines offer lots of extras on board, other bargain lines offer surprisingly low fares. They offer several discounts for buses along the Eastern seaboard, including service to New York City, Washington D.C. If you have a flexible timeline and a small budget, the Fung Wah is a bus company you should consider. Many travelers prefer a quicker method of travel, like plane or Boston to New York Train Ride.
Of their Eastern lines, the train service route from Boston to New York is one of the easiest to use. Mayoral elections have previously been won or lost based mainly on snow-removal performance. It comes in handy for impulsive plans to meet friends or sudden free time to visit the city. But if you don’t mind the extra time spent driving, you can save hundreds on a ticket and baggage fees! On board, the biggest difference between bus and train service is the extra space trains offers. By planning your New York get away or your New England vacation through their site, you’re sure to save quite a bit. In addition, they give great New England travel tips as well as info for hotel packages near their bus stops. World Wide might be a great choice for you if you plan on visiting Harvard, MIT, or downtown Boston. Their buses make the run several times per day, so you can be sure you’ll get a ticket at a low price.
Since Amtrak trains don’t tend to run late, train service offers a quick and reliable way of traveling from city to city. They’re a great starting point for some basic travel info, and a good way to save some extra cash on tickets. And unlike the Fung Wah or Lucky Star, World Wide does not stop in New York City’s Chinatown. Their site even provides info on European tours and international travel, including several historic small towns.
And because of their route between Chinatowns, you’re sure to spot some great Chinese restaurants along the way. And since Amtrak’s trains stop near famous tourist spots, their stations offer a great start to your trip.
If you’re on a tight budget, it may be worth looking into bus lines that run the same route. But if you check around, you may find a deal that offers more amenities for the same price.
Their line stops at the Alewife Station at the end of the “red line” subway route in Cambridge. This is a bargain considering lines like Greyhound can run up to $78.00 per ticket for the same route.
But if you’re looking for a more responsible bus line, you might want to go with another service. If you plan on visiting downtown Boston or any of the city’s major colleges, their station might offer a good start to your tour. Gotobus compares bus companies like World Wide and Lucky Star, as well as major travel tours through the East Coast. Since both cities have great forms of public transportation, don’t let station location sway you.
As I mentioned earlier, sometimes you can find a $15.00 ticket that offers a more comfortable ride.
This station is at the end of Boston’s “green line.” And since Boston’s subway line departs several times an hour, these two stops make using public transportation easy. Their site offers excellent travel tips and serves as a guide to everything from general price quotes to info on wine tours.
And if you’re a New England college student, you’ll really enjoy the discount tickets on bus travel to New York City and Boston. The site also runs specials for several hotels and shows, allowing you to make the most of your trip.

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