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Originally published on March 29, 2016 6:28 pm When I was a college student in Boston, in the mid-2000s, I didn't have a whole lot of money. But for the price of a movie ticket, I could catch the Chinatown bus down to New York City. These days, thousands of people travel up and down the northeast corridor on services like MegaBus and BoltBus.
It started in the late 1990s as a service for the Chinese-American community, and became popular with students and others looking for a thrifty ride. Now, a Queens-based activist arts organization called Flux Factory is celebrating the Chinatown bus with a series of on-board performances that pay tribute to the often-arduous journey.
The Fung Wah Biennial is the brainchild of Will Owen, a Flux Factory resident artist, who chartered buses from New York to Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

He and more than 20 artists transformed the experience with objects, food and performances — an homage to Fung Wah, one of the first and most famous Chinatown bus lines.
Sure, only artists from Brooklyn and Queens would think of making a tribute to a budget bus. But for Will Owen and others — myself included — Chinatown buses democratized cheap travel.
On a recent Saturday, I took the Fung Wah Biennial bus on its inaugural trip, from New York to Boston. This ride started like they often do — with the bus parked illegally in Chinatown, and the driver worried about getting a ticket.
On board, the celebration called attention to the discomforts of Chinatown bus travel — from the lack of frills to the lack of personal space.

In 2013, federal regulators pulled their operating license because of cracks in their bus frames. And yet, I miss the Fung Wah bus like I miss my younger self — some version of me that wasn't mad if the bus broke down, or the bathroom wasn't working.
In the best-case scenario, the bus was fast and cheap, and I ended up exactly where I needed to go.
It always left me with a story — and the Fung Wah Biennial gives me a new one to tellCopyright 2016 NPR.

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