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Visit our Gift Shoppe any time of the year and see our operating LGB Train display with 200 feet of track.See our outdoor layout around the ponds!
Many models of European and American steam, electric and modern diesel-electric engines are available.  Control options can be as simple as the basic power transformer or as elaborate as complete computer operations with your PC. LGB’s Multi-Train System makes operating up to 8 engines at once simple without complex wiring.

Phoenix Sound, Kadee, Split Jaws and add Massoth and QSI Sound Systems.Start with one of the many starter sets, which include a complete circle of track, engine, cars and power transformer, everything you need to take home and set up as an operating layout in a few minutes.  From there you can expand as far as your imagination can take you! Also, many LGB pieces actually become collectable and can be passed on from generation to generation.

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