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Detail & Scale is moving into the digital age by continuing this highly respected series of Digital Publications with titles in both the Apple iBook and Amazon Kindle formats. What is exciting about the Detail & Scale Series of aviation publications being in digital format is that so much more can be included in each title, and it can be presented in a far better and interactive manner, all for a much lower price than a printed book! I am now nearly 66 years old and I’ve built my first model when I was 11 years old and never looked back. Definitely Marine, but I had a go at everything, aircraft, figurines, AFV’s, electric trains, aircraft dioramas which are all now at The Malta Aviation Museum.
I was decorating my den where I keep my models and all the units containing my models were in the middle of the room covered up. Through my great friend Les Venus, another brilliant modeller, who asked me and suggested if I could contribute to the magazine.
Actually I don’t have a favourite I find all the the reviews very interesting and informative as well. Wild House Models is a new British Team creating model kits offering the best in British engineering and model making. A lot of focus has been on the new Warship by Rick Sternbach but we have another new spaceship in the development phase – the mining vessel, the Intrepid Star. Each submission has a ‘gallery’ of thumbnails which you can click on to see an enlarged image and read the short text describing the model – enjoy! The kit uses the base model of the venerable Hawk T Mk.1 model with a few additional parts to enhance the detail.
The model was finished using Gunze and Tamiya paints with the 63 Squadron decals being supplied by Xtradecal. After an initial attempt at re-sanding the affected areas it soon became apparent that the whole model would have to be tackled again, a daunting prospect, so back into the stash it went to lie there untouched for over a year. The base is Alclad II Chrome, followed by Alclad II Polished Aluminium post-shaded across the main panel lines and along the flaps. The only minus was the too small opening in front of the engine cowlings, which was corrected. I tried to make the boring camouflage a little more interesting by adding some wear and tear; however these birds did not serve very long as all of them crashed purposely after the raid on Japan! I just added Eduard seatbelts and made up a brass tube prop shaft assembly; used the Blu-Tack string method for the soft edge camo demarcation. I used Xtracolor gloss paints and the kit decals which are of good quality and go down very well.

Paints were a combination of Aeromaster “warbirds” RLM02, RLM66, RLM74, RLM75, RLM76 enamels; Model Master, Tamiya and Gunze additional colours. The antenna is invisible mending thread with wire “springs” from second hand electrical wire wrapped around a small drill bit. The build tested me at times but I persisted and whilst there are some flaws, none are fatal and I am happy with the end result.
This is the only word I can use to sum up what we have here and you’ll see why I am raving about this new ‘e-book’ by reading my review below and taking a look at the sample photos supplied. Reason being, the amount of detail you can put in a ship model is limitless.You have to draw a line because otherwise you will never finish the model. It was a going away present from my colleagues when I retired from work and I really put my heart into it. Whilst I was on the ladder I had a slight attack of Vertigo and fell off the ladders…. I was walking in a very pensive mood, head down and went straight into a lamp post and I said excuse me to the post. We’ve created Hostile Realms™ – a new universe of possibilities set in the near future – that will establish a range of fantastic model kits. The FOD guards were used to cover up the intakes and add a touch of realism with the straps being made from cut lengths of Tamiya tape. It’s painted with Tamiya acrylics and the kit decals, OOB apart from cutting and repositioning the control surfaces. Construction is pretty straightforward for such a large kit and the interior is particularly well detailed, although you don’t get to see much in the end.
Clearing the bench of my last project it was time to clean out the stash (to make room in the cupboard for more recent purchases) and finally deal with this problem.
A final buff with a fine lint free cloth brought out the surfaces and blended everything in.
I built it out of the box as a Doolittle Raider; after all it is still a very good kit with more than sufficient detail on the surfaces and also in the cockpit.
Well, building this kit reminded me of my childhood when I played with the famous Danish toy. To accentuate the panel lines I mixed and applied three different washes made from Mig Productions “red” thinner and Abteilung 502 oil paints.
I sprayed the RLM 02 and RLM 71 top side camo first, masked up and then sprayed the RLM 65 lower colour.

At last, what we have is a major publisher specialising in modelling reference books (and others) that has seen the huge value and potential of the Internet – the ability to offer you the modeller so much more for far less money than if you buy a paper book or magazine. Luckily I was slightly hurt but whilst falling I tried to stop my fall holding on to the unit containing my figurines. It was a reasonably straightforward build, but the 3-part nose is a bit tricky to get to shape up right. The problem started when applying the gloss black undercoat for the Alclad II metal surfaces. Three days and a multitude of sanding grade papers later it was ready to try again with the gloss black.
As my first attempt at metal surfaces on such a large project, this was a learning experience. The book covers the three primary colour schemes used on the F-14 in detail, and provides enhanced coverage of every active and Reserve unit associated flying the Tomcat with the Atlantic Fleet, the Grumman Aircraft Company, and the various east coast Navy flight test units. This is exactly what SMN is all about and continues to be since we launched four years ago. It fell with me on top of me as a matter of fact and all the figurines were smashed to pieces. A metal undercarriage set was used and fixed in place, though it is debatable if this is really required. After spraying there were some white blooming marks over the nose and up the tail, which left as they were would spoil the metal finish.
I suspect this was caused by a change in humidity as I dimly recall a thunderstorm passing though and the air conditioner working overtime, the joys of living in the tropics I suppose?
To make it a little bit more difficult I used the Eduard Zoom PE set to enhance mostly the cockpit area (instrument panel, seatbelts).
Navy F-14 Tomcats, Part 1: Atlantic Coast Squadrons comprehensively covers this iconic combat aircraft.

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