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As I have discussed in another thread, I'm currently planning a 'one off' module with dimensions approximately 6' x 18" that'll constitute a small switching layout. I added a rough plan of the layout to the original post, so as to not spam up the forum with threads. If it were my layout I would factor in a couple more sidings and at least a run around track on the right end so the loco could escape to lead the train back to the yard (staging). In my opinion I like the new version a little better, and its not quite spaghetti laid out either. Anyways those are pretty cool, I do not have that talent, I think my talent in this hobby is weathering stuff. Individual components(interchangeable front, side, and rear pieces) available December 15, 2012. Crossing Tower is now available $19.95 plus shipping (shipping charges calculated at checkout-may be combined with other items). When you start putting the scenery, track and expensive toy trains on that foam, you'll be surprised how flexible it can get. This only exists on paper atm and I've purchased none of the supplies, so feel free to throw out suggestions to enhance or improve operations. Again, I'm still wide-open on design, but this one does incorporate a roughly 30" runaround track, plus three sidings (two serving the cannery; the third a state-owned fishing pier). More residential, commercial, and trackside components(all interchangeable) will be introduced as they become available.
It is a more advanced kit that requires filing or sanding of matching corners to obtain optimum appearance and has mitered corners.

It is priced at $34.95 plus shipping (shipping charges calculated at checkout-may be combined with other items) It is based on the design of several hillisde homes built in the late 1970's and early 1980's in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area but it would be at home anywhere. I'd recommend framing around the perimeter to protect against gouges more than for strength.
I know this is a very simple track plan, but I didn't want to create another of the ubiquitous John Allen Timesaver knockoffs where every inch of space is eaten up by track or industry. I'm going to be getting an Athearn SP GP9 for Xmas plus about 10 cars, and I'm going to have to teach myself to weather by watching Youtube. I also use camper tape directly on top of the foam then cork for roadbed and finally the tracks. Additionally, the railroad will need to be supported by simple shelf brackets attached to an apartment wall. Once the foam was affixed to the wood framing of the bench work, it was solid.Also, the stuff can't take much abuse.
I'd also consider making where the main that leads to the edge on the left a straight piece of track.
I have some old, junky rolling stock I can practice on, but the entire thing scares the living daylights out of me.I guess we're all good as something, but not necessarily everything! It'll be hard to connect with that curve in it that starts just before you get to the edge. This is the green foam use to insulate beer fridge in grocery store or bar.Your last plan is very good, I took the permission to modify it a bit as a tough.
So, here's the questions:Has anyone here used only foam insulation board to build their layout?

I set one foam board down a little hard on the bench work and it hit a corner of the lumber.
I draw a straight line past the bridge, although curve look good, they do not permit reliable coupling and this is a switching layout. If this this module of yours is to be something more than a future cornerstone to a larger layout or something to serve as a back drop for photos of models, then you've got something. Also a single slip switch could be installed before the bridge this would1 allow for future expansion. It has a shipping weight of 3lbs 4oz., and is molded from high impact polystyrene(styrene). If you want this to be a layout that is operated, I can see five minutes of fun, if that, and then onto washing the dishes, scrubbing the shower or whatever floats your boat at the moment.Scenery is nice, but you can't run trains on the scenery, especially if this is all you've got.
The runaround would make it possible for the loco to lead coming from staging, then lead back out again after running around its train. Also you can attach the lumber frame to the shelf brackets much more securely than you could ever do with just the foam board.

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