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In June, 2013, the National Garden Railway Convention came to Ohio for the first time in eleven years.
So late winter and early spring of 2013 saw us prepping for four clinics and an open railroad at the same time. Part 2 focused on the weeding, track clearing, and getting a few more "little people" ready to set out. The afternoon before our first open railroad, I presented a clinic at the convention center, then drove home and did more work on the railroad.
I had also set up a plastic track oval for a radio-controlled Lionel "G-Gauge" toy train and a separate temporary brass loop for Thomas to run on, in case we got any kids.
The Mikado, which really is an impressive locomotive, started out pulling four Aristo heavyweights, but due to track damage that occurred about halfway into the open railroad, that went down to two. Our family tried diligently to meet every person who came, although there were several times when so many people came at once, folks got in without us noticing.
We were delighted to receive several longtime readers, and a number of friends that we haven't seen in many years. The cat's sideways impact had broken two of the normally effective Aristo rail-joiners, causing mechanical and electrical issues with that section of the right-of-way. The open railroads hosted by Miami Valley Garden Railway Society members were all fairly spread out. About 11:15, the bus rolled out again, but so many other folks had driven up in the meantime, you could hardly tell. By 2:00, when the open railroad was officially "over," the crowd was thinning down to a a half dozen or dozen at a time.
People were still trickling in at 3:00 but from time to time there were moments without a single vistor.

After an hour or so of relaxing, I started loading the car for Saturday's clinics, then working on my presentations. On the next day (Saturday), Molly and I went down to the convention early enough to unload our car and still have time to look around before we set up for our clinics. When I first committed to an open railroad, only a handful of other folks in the club had committed, and I wanted to make certain that the MVGRS made a good showing. The pilot trucks on these are "techy," derailing every several trips around the mainline, even after I've strengthened the springs and replaced the plastic wheels with the metal wheels from a Bachmann ten-wheeler (an exact fit). The Bachmann 0-4-0 had done a nice job of pushing its little consist around the track for hours, but I wanted to give it a break.
During another slow period, I swapped out the Lionel Thomas with a Bachmann Thomas set I had bought on closeout and never got out of the box.
By 4:00 it was getting quite cloudy, so I put up the Bachmann Thomas again (Lionel Thomas doesn't mind a light rain, but I don't know about the Bachman Thomas yet).
I had expected more people on Sunday, but perhaps the information about our Sunday open houses wasn't published as well as we thought.
First of all, I want to thank all of our visitors for being friendly and courteous, and to apologize for not being able to visit longer or answer more questions.
Back to the railroads, lots of visitors also said great things about the other railroads they had visited. Our visitors also said lots of nice things about all of our volunteers' hard work in every aspect of the convention. As for my personal "retrospective," any person who's ever done anything like this starts thinking about what they'll do differently next time.
Unfortunately, several folks who planned to come out had last-minute conflicts or some such, so we didn't see everyone we hoped to, but we were very glad to see the folks we did.

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