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We are a Massoth Factory Authorized Dealer and the # 1 USA source for all Massoth DCC products and accessories. We are an LGB® Factory Authorized dealer and we offer a variety of products and services that are geared specifically toward owners of LGB® trains. Please do not hesitate to contact us to place an order, inquire about our products and services, or just chat. The Massoth programmable Train Destination Display (TDD) is the perfect model railway accessory; it is suitable for both analog and digital operations. The Massoth eMOTION XLS-M1 decoder is a powerful 4.5Amps driving, function, and sound decoder designed for installation in G scale locomotives equipped with the Marklin-LGB 28-pin decoder interface. The XLS-M1 decoder features a 3.5Amps output stage for up to two motors, 3 light outputs, 8 function outputs, 2 contacts inputs, a SUSI-MTB(Marklin Train Bus) interface, and an integrated 2-watt high performance sound amplifier with 6 independent sound channels. The Massoth eMOTION XL-M1 decoder is a powerful 4.5Amps driving and function decoder designed for installation in G-scale locomotives equipped with the Marklin-LGB 28-pin decoder interface. The DiMAX Navigator Limited Edition Black has a large back-lit easy to read split-screen display with a yellow background.
It offers the same extensive array of features and functions, and intuitive easy to navigate control menu as the DiMAX Wireless Navigator.
For wireless operation, the Limited Edition Navigator must be retrofitted with a Massoth DiMAX RC Sender [Product number: 8132501]. Massoth's patented solid brass rail connection clamps with brass-plated stainless steel screws and nickel plated brass soldering pads are made from high quality extruded brass for optimum conductivity and robust support.

The Massoth high performance pulsed smoke generator may be retrofitted in most G scale steam or diesel locomotives.
The smoke generator may be operated in either diesel or steam mode by setting a DIP-switch.
Two versions of the pulsed smoke generator are available, one for analog operation and the other for DCC operation. The Massoth Cylinder steam module adds a cylinder steam feature to Massoth pulsed smoke generators with firmware version 3.0 (product #8413501 and #8413101). The Massoth DiMAX 1-channel function and switch decoder is a small completely sealed waterproof decoder with 2 programmable contact inputs.
It can be used to control lights, coil-operated switch drives (2 leads), electrically-operated motor drives, and RC servos. The switch decoder fits between track sleepers; it can be affixed to the track using the provide screw and the hole in the switch housing.
A small amount (the size of a small pea) of the Massoth MM1 graphite lubricant placed in rail joiners when assembling track will improve electrical conductivity on your layout. The Massoth MM1 graphite lubricant may also be used as an all purpose lubricant wherever lubrication is needed. Use this high pressure, high temperature grease to lubricate drive gears, reduction gears, motor worms, and bearings. We carry Massoth's entire product line and we usually have nearly-all their products in-stock for immediate delivery.

It may be used to display a picture such as a railway icon or symbol, a text string such as the name of a railway station or a greeting, and or an analog or digital clock.
The XL-M1 decoder supports 16 addressable functions in standard mode and 28 addressable functions in conjunction with SUSI-MTB.
These clamps conform to track code 332 and may be used to bring power to a track that conforms to code 332. The digital version is designed for installation in locomotives already equipped with a DCC decoder. It can be operated digitally with a function key, or electro-mechanically with a push-button or track contact.
We ship anywhere in the US and other places when feasible, and we accept payment through PayPal.
It features one coupled function output in switch address mode or 2 function outputs in locomotive address mode; all function outputs are dimmable.
Also contains: Sucrose, Glucose-liquid (from wheat), butter, Sodium Chloride, soy lecithin.
Warnings Do not exceed a dose of 3 packs for Adults, 2 packs for children over 6 years and 1 pack for children younger than 6 years within 24 hours.Not suitable for children under 2 years old.

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