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Ecologically diverse wetlands, woodlands, savannas, prairies and formal gardens in Northern Indiana.
The Railway Garden is an outdoor G (Garden)-scale model train garden that tells the amazing story of America’s steam engine history and its impact on the United States civil war, expansion west and the industrial revolution. A permanent outside layout is used whenever possible, supplemented by a portable layout in the clubhouse at other times.
Visitors are welcome but should note that boilers having a capacity above 3 bar-litres will require to have a valid boiler certificate and if below must have proof of a pressure gauge and safety valve check within the past two years.

This plan of the GMES portable layout "Mwch Grumblyn" by Adrian Rogers is primarily for exhibition managers. The owner had built all the track, locos and rolling stock himself in absolutely beautiful detail.
For further information please contact Adrian Rogers, Chris Webster 01483 476657 or Graham White 01252 861831. These included fully working trains and fairground rides mostly in wood but all with superb engineering skill and an absolutely immaculate detailed finish.

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