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The Yangtze River is the longest river in China and the third longest in the world, next to the Nile in Africa and the Amazon in South America.
Recent years are bloooming season of Yangtze River Cruise, there are more than 10 cruise fleets sailing on the Yangtze River.
Dsineyland Resort Line is built on North Lantau Island, including 2 stations: Sunny Bay(??) and Disneyland Resort(???).
Xian Climate Map - Xian is a located in a warm temperature zone, and enjoys a continental monsoon climate featured with four distinctive seasons. Map of Kunming Dianchi Lake - showing the overall layout of Dianchi Lake (also named Kunming Lake) with locations of surrounding places of interest, such as Bamboo Temple, Anning Hot Spring, and Zhenghe Park. Kunming Transportation Map - providing general information of Kunming airport, Kunming railway stations, and Kunming highways, and mapping Kunming highway routes and airway destinations.
The Taipei Subway, also known as Taipei Metro or Taipei MRT (Taipei Rapid Transit System), is a rapid transit system serving Taipei city. Taiwan Tour Buses Map - The best choice for tourists to have a Taiwan tour should be by the Taiwan tour buses, also called the Sightseeing buses, which will make your Taiwan travel more convenient and easier. Macau Climate Map - Subtropical marine monsoon climate rules Macao influenced greatly by oceans. Chongqing Climate Map - Chongqing has a humid subtropical climate, with the two-season monsoonal variations typical of South Asia.
Map of Humble Administrator's Garden - The Humble Administrator's Garden is considered as one of China's four most attractive gardens, along with the Summer Palace in Beijing, the Mountain Resort of Chengde and the Lingering Garden in Suzhou.
Shenzhen Weather Map – Located at about the Tropical of Cancer and ruled by the subtropical marine climate, Shenzhen has a mild temperature as well as plentiful sunshine and rainfall all year round.
Northern subtropical maritime monsoon climate brings to Shanghai adequate sunshine, plenty of rainfall and distinctive seasonal difference. Hong Kong Weather Map – Hong Kong enjoys the subtropical climate with four distinguishable seasons, so the city has good weather generally, which makes it an ideal tourist destination all year around. World Expo 2010 Shanghai China is the occasion for China to bring the world at home, and for the world to feel at home in Shanghai, China.
Here, we collect all maps of Shanghai 2010 expo, including the maps of Shanghai expo venues, expo master plan, site framework, expo site location, expo plan, expo pavilions and 2010 Shanghai Expo subway lines. The Expo tickets will be available for Chinese domestic purchasers via outlets, website, hotlines and account managers provided by the authorized agents from the Pre-sale Phase II. Generally, the tickets of World Expo 2010 Shanghai are divided into two categories - Individual Ticket and Group Ticket, and nine types concretely. Themed 'Better City, Better Life', the 2010 World Expo Shanghai coveys a common wish of mankind for a better future and better city life. The Expo Site covers a total area of 5.28 sq k, including the enclosed area and outside areas of support facilities. Shanghai will hold the international exhibiton - Shanghai Expo in 2010, which will be a grand and festive occasion in the long and glorious tradition of the World Exposition. You are about to spend your time and pay your money for the most attractive things and places of China, while seeking unique travel experiences along Silk Road, China. The Giant Pandas is a mammal native to central-western and south western China, a member of the Ursidae family. Guilin Liangjiang International Airport, located in the Liangjiang Town of Guilin City, about 28 kilometers southwest from Guilin downtown, opened to the public in 1996.
Sanjiang, literally "he three rivers" is the conjoint point of the Rong River, Xun River and Miao River.
Located in the north China Guangxi, it is a region traditionally inhabited by the Dong people.
Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, located at the Northeast end of Xiamen Island, is about 10 kilometers away from Downtown Xiamen. Here, we provide a location map of Anhui Golf Clubs, and there are four golf clubs in Anhui: 1. Huangshan is one of the most valuable scenic spots of China, and its reputation originates from the unique of strange rock formations, beautiful pine trees & sea of cloud. Hong Kong to Guangzhou - The distance between Hong Kong and Guangzhou is about 174 kilometers, and buses and trains run daily between the two cities. Huangshan Mount, also known as Yellow Mountain, is a mountain range in southern Anhui province in eastern China. Here we provide a detailed map of Hong Kong and Guangdong Golf Clubs, clearly showing their location in the cities of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhaoqing, Zhuhai, Shunde, etc. Shenzhen, the most successful Special Economic Zone, comprises of districts of Luohu, Futian, Nanshan and Yantian, which are the relevantly urban area of Shenzhen. Shenzhen, a thriving multi-national city, boasts the most developed and rapid economy and business, which caters to the needs of world-renowned and classic golf courses and clubs. Guangzhou, formerly known by westerners as Canton, is a sub-provincial city, and has been the economic center of China for many years. Here are series of aerial photos and Satellite Images of Guangxi Guilin pictured by the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) in Guilin  Electronic Technology Co.
Here are series of aerial photos and Satellite Images of Guangxi Guilin pictured by the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) in Guilin Electronic Technology Co.
Unnamed Aerial Vehicle, also known as a remotely operated aircraft, is an unscrewed aircraft.
Here we have a map of Chongqing Jiangbei Airport, clearly showing its location in Chongqing City. Chongqing Transportation Map - Situated on the convenient waterway of the Yangtze River, Chongqing was always a main passage in Southwest China. Shanghai is the city that never sleeps, so its liveliness goes well beyond daytime activity.

Shanghai Cuisine is not one of the eight major cuisines of China, but Shanghai is the most ideal paradise for tasting the blend of the most appealing aspects of these other national styles of food. Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport is one of the most important airports in China, and it will be the largest aviation hub in the central and western regions after its reconstruction and expansion. Here we provide a detailed layout map of Shanghai Jade Buddha (Yufo) Temple, clearly showing its layout, guiding tourists to travel the spot easily and conveniently. Walking around the Old Shanghai area is a must for any tourists in Shanghai, which can bring you with the taste of Old Shanghai.
Shanghai French Concession used to be the foreign concession of France in Shanghai, and now is a district in the city. Xujiahui is a name of a station on Shanghai Metro Line 1, located in the Xujiahui District of Shanghai. There are almost 1000 formal bus lines in Shanghai, including the Downtown and Suburban lines, served by about 20 bus companies. Shanghai Museum, located on the People's Square in the Huangpu District of Shanghai center, possesses a collection of 120,000 precious works of art. Huangpu River is one of the branches of the Yangtze River, with 97 kilometers long flowing through Shanghai. Shanghai Xin Tian Di is a fashionable pedestrian street (car-free) in the center of Shanghai City south of Huaihai Zhong Lu, and has become an urban tourist attraction holding the historical and cultural legacies of the city. Yuyuan Garden is located in the center of the Old Shanghai City with a few blocks south of the Bund, considered as one of the most lavish and finest Chinese gardens in the region. Nanjing Road, the China's premier shopping street, is about 3.4 mile, starting at the Bund in the east and ends in the west at the junction of Jingan Temple and Yan'an West Street. Below is a detailed map from Shanghai to Nanjing, with marking their distance, about 270 kilometers. The Shanghai Tower will be the tallest building in China, the second in the world, rising approximately 632 meters and 128 stories with an area of 380,000 square meters. Here we provide a detailed map from Suzhou to Shanghai, depicting its distance, the Hu Ning Highway, and their location. The distance between Nanjing and Shanghai is about 300 kilometers, and you will pass Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou from Shanghai to Nanjing.
Below is a detailed map of streets and roads in Tai Po Market District of New Territories in Hong Kong, clearly showing the shopping, dining and touring streets and roads, such as Airport Road, Airport Expo Boulevard, Catering Road West, Chek Lap Kok South Road, Chung Cheung Road, East Coast Road, Sky City Road, etc.
Below is a detailed map of streets and roads in Ma On Shan District of New Territories in Hong Kong, clearly showing the shopping, dining and touring streets and roads, such as Po Lam Road, Route Twisk, San Sham Road, Tai Po Road, Tsuen Wan Road, Tuen Mun Road, Ching Cheung Road, etc.
This interactive Shanghai map provides an aerial view of the city of Shanghai and locates some of its major religious sites.
Suzhou, as one of the most attractive tourist destinations of China, is close to Shanghai, so travelers always need to know how to get there from Shanghai. Shanghai Pudong Area is Shanghai's newest district on the eastern side of the Huangpu River; chock full of gleaming skyscrapers rising out of what was mere farmland only 15 years ago. Here we have a political map of Hong Kong Central, clearly showing its main areas, districts, landmarks, attractions, buildings, etc, such as the Jardines House, City Hall, Statue Square, Exchange Square, Chater Garden, and much more. Below is a map of Central Streets and Roads, clearly marking its main shopping, dining, touring streets and roads, making tourists to have a clear idea of Central Layout.
Here is a detailed map of Hong Kong Wong Tai Sin Temple, clearly showing its overall layout, and marking the tourist routes, exits, entrances, and attractions, guiding tourists to have an easy and convenient tour. Here we provide a location map of Hong Kong Repulse Bay Dugong Sanctuaries, including the Repulse Bay Dugong Sanctuaries, Newry Region Dugong Sanctuaries and Sand Bay Dugong Sanctuaries. Here we have a detailed map of Hong Kong Repulse Bay, clearly showing its overall layout, including the tourist attractions, such as the Cheung Lin Shan, Lo Fu Shan, Stone Hill, Repulse Bay Beach, Middle Bay, South Bay, South Bay Beach, Tau Chau, Stanley, etc, guiding tourists to have an easy tour.
Below is a detailed map of Hong Kong Victoria Peak, clearly showing its overall layout, with detailed peak trail in the famous scenic spot, mapping the Victoria Peak with vivid and interesting pictures and photos, guiding tourists to travel this area easily and conveniently. Here is a clear and large map of Aberdeen in Hong Kong Island, detailedly showing its overall layout with vivid and beautiful pictures and photos. Central, the central business district of Hong Kong, was commonly known as part of Victoria City, an area on the north Shore of Hong Kong Island.
Here we provide a detailed and large map of Hong Kong Shatin District, clearly showing its layout, guiding the tourists to visit the spot easily and conveniently. Situated next to Discovery Bay Pier, D Deck is Hong Kong's largest oceanfront alfresco dining destination. Here we provide a detailed map of Hong Kong Kowloon Peninsula, clearly showing its all tourist attractions, such as the Clock Tower, Kowloon Park, Star Ferry, etc, and highlighting the districts of Tsim Sha Tsui, Victoria Harbor, etc.
Here we provide a location map of Hong Kong Discovery Bay sightseeing, which is located 2 kilometers west of Hong Kong Disneyland and approximately 12 kilometers west from the nearest point on Hong Kong Island. Here we provide a detailed and large Hong Kong Harbor City Floor Plan, clearly showing its overall layout. Here is a map of Hong Kong famous restaurants for Rice Dining, clearly showing their locations in Hong Kong. Here is a map of Hong Kong famous restaurants for Noodles Dining, clearly showing their locations in Hong Kong. Here is a map of Hong Kong famous restaurants for Rice Noodles Dining, clearly showing their locations in Hong Kong. Here is a map of Hong Kong famous restaurants for Congee Dining, clearly showing their locations in Hong Kong. Ocean Terminal is a finger pier of overall length 381 meters orientated E-W and of open piled construction. Below is a map of Hong Kong Island, clearly showing the location of tourist attractions, including the Ocean Park, Victoria Park, Victoria Peak, Aberdeen, Happy Valley, Repulse Bay, etc. Welcome to Merrivale Model Village, one of Great Yarmouth's best-loved attractions, a fantastic model village set in an acre of floral landscaped gardens on the sea front.Take your time to discover this captivating model village and its charming inhabitants.

When Merrivale changed ownership in 2004, research began to find a suitable replacement for the scratch built 2?" gauge 3 rail system that had been running in the garden for more than 40 years. Thanks to the enthusiasm and supportiveness of the team at LGB and the assistance of David Pratt, consultant to the Discovery Channel's Garden Railway programme, plans for the new LGB Garden Railway at Merrivale Model Village started to take shape.
Merrivale Model Village boasts approximately 350 metres of 45mm G gauge track running throughout the garden. Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is 75km away, traveling time of approximately 1 hour by road. The plateau monsoon climate brings Lhasa adequate sunshine, wet and dry quarter obvious and without severely cold winters or extremely hot summer. Lijiang City includes one district (Old Town District) and four counties (Yongsheng County, Huaping County, Yulong Naxi Autonomous County, and Ninglang Yi Autonomous County). The Taipei MRT system consists of 80 stations and 90.5 kilometers of revenue track with 9 subway lines.
Macao features a long and hot summer, about 100 days with high temperature over 30 from May to September.
Solve the transportation problem is needed not only for the Expo, but also for Shanghai's development.
They are easily recognized by their large, distinctive black patches around the eyes, over the ears, and across its round body. Therefore, Huangshan Golf Clubs combined with these landscapes and features have attracted large number of golf lovers.
The area is well known for its interesting shaped rocks, waterfalls, unique shaped pine trees growing out of rocks, and views of the clouds from above. Different from Missiles, a UAV is defined as a reusable, unscrewed vehicle capable of controlled, sustained, level flight and powered by a jet or reciprocating engine.
It stands in Jiangbei District, and the map also marks the Airport Expressway which can help passengers and tourists find their driving directions easily and conveniently. Chongqing City's transportation system has been well developed in recent years and is one of the important transport hubs connecting eastern and western China. Every night, the young people and white-collar workers all come out to enjoy the night life, and they go to bars, parks or cinemas with their friends or lovers.
So, in Shanghai, tourists can enjoy all the best food from home and abroad for all budgets.
Although the city walls of the original Chinese settlement were pulled down early last century, their former path is still clearly visible.
It is named after "Xu Family", which actually refers to the family of Xu Guangqi, China's most Catholic convert. Streets on the north side of Hong Kong Island and southern Kowloon have a grid like pattern.
The main streets, roads, diving directions, parks, buildings, hotels, tourist attractions, and transportation are all shown on the below map. It is located across Victoria Harbor from Tsim Sha Tsui, the southernmost point of Kowloon Peninsula.
On this map, you can find the most famous tourist attractions, such as the Ten Thousand Grand Buddha, Shatin Park, New Town Plaza, etc. This hotspot features delectable international cuisine with a variety of over 20 thematic restaurants along the promenade connecting to the Tai Pak Beach. Its underground, level 1, 2 and 3 are all clearly presented on the map, which can guide the tourists to travel the scenic spot easily and conveniently. With this map, you can quickly and easily find where the delicious food is located and the famous restaurants and shops can guide tourists to have an unforgettable dining memory. Berths are provided symmetrically about the pier centerline on both its north and south side. Hong Kong has a developed and sophisticated transportation system, including the Hong Kong International Airport Expressway, Underground Railways, MTR (Mass Transit Railway), Railway Lines, and Ferries. Wander around the maze of paths and humpback bridges, spot the cricketers playing on the village green in their whites, marvel at the firemen carrying out a daring rescue from a smoking building and relive all the magic of the funfair in miniature.
After much research and consultation, the German manufacturer, LGB, the inventors of G scale (45mm gauge railway) was chosen to supply a new railway network to the garden. The new railway became an immediate hit with garden railway enthusiasts and visitors to the Model Village, with many people choosing to return within the week for another look. There are 28 different types and styles of locomotive, tram, novelty vehicle and associated rolling stock with carriages, ensuring a wonderful range of train-spotting opportunities for visitors who never know which section might be running from one day to the next.
We are always delighted to welcome visits from larger groups or coach parties wishing to train spot or simply to enjoy the garden and the railway running through it. During the 2010 World Expo, convenient and efficient public transportation will be available in Shanghai. It is listed among the National Scenic Spots and also ranks at the top of the list of top 10 tourist areas in Fujian Province. At the same time, you can also have a clear idea about its surrounding landmarks, attractions, hotels, roads, etc. The roads and highways are designed according to the British standards, and highways conform to British Motorways.

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