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Therefore, only the content of the German translation versions legally binded by, are valid.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Please ask the Economic shipping about under 2kg and over 5kg, because shipping costs may not always be calculated correctly.Shipping fees are currently defined for 2kg up to 5kg. Train Radio Steam locomotive, Designed 99 the DR, G Gauge Garden railway The description of this item has been automatically translated. Train steam locomotive radio battery, type 99 DR, G Scale garden railway ZR 757 5802 Train steam locomotive radio battery, type 99 DR, G Scale garden railway Radio-steam 27 MHz, track G of the type 99 600 1-4 Deutsche Reichsbahn DR modeled after the Harz Narrow Gauge Railway HSB, era. 5 This locomotive looks excellent.Same as NWE Nordhausen Wern Inger Or Railway, but with a different label. This measure can the locomotive with even higher speeds curves of radius R = 600 mm navigate. Matching Aufklebeschilder there are on the market.- CE mark with electromagnetic compatibility documentation of SGS.
Document as a PDF file order.- Powerful sound module with steam noises, rattling track, bell and whistle.

The steam noise is not dependent on the speed of the motor.- LED headlights alternating with the direction of travel at higher speeds. Documents can be sent on request at a nominal charge of 5 euros.- Lokfuher retrofitted- Fuherhausturen can open. They are pushed closed by springs.- Since the battery is now deeper, he can not be replaced without opening the locomotive. A story from the market, which we can not verify, but it fits into the picture of the history of this locomotive.
Train has also then built the radio of radio cars and a battery in the engine and uses a standard sound module from China. After our fine tuning and interventions it is of good quality, but comes   during storage of the wheels and some other points not match the quality of the original LGB. The parts themselves are well sprayed but mostly there are installation errors, depending on the employee.
Therefore, each of us will Lok thoroughly tested in more than 25 positions and rectified before we deliver them. The initially annoying chattering sewing machine controller (linkage) is one of us each eliminated so that the locomotive runs smoothly.
Is the heavy punk relocation option not buy it, we advise you to slow down ahead of the curve.

The cost of this post is very expensive.We give a two year warranty which the invoice is your warranty. Customers who purchased the original locomotive advance and are not satisfied because of the focus problems, contact us for a small charge of 25 euros the conversion.Kit for conversion to analog operation with power via track or radio with battery in developing- The drive has space for retrofit picosecond or LGB power and shoes for 6 LGB carbon brushes (14mm). Zenner now has a plurality of parallel large resistors, which are connected together with respect to the motor in series, designed for installation, which makes it possible to control the locomotive analogy with a transformer. Thus, the current at a plurality of locations can be supplied from the track.In order to use the rod to the metal wheels again, screws are screwed into the back of the wheels, which are held by nuts.
The rod is then held by means of another self-locking nut.Next you need a two-pole or two-pole toggle switch, wire, washers and connectorsA pattern is being built, but is not quite ready yet. It will take a few more monthsSince the time required is considerable and so would be too expensive by the locomotive by the labor costs, we have developed a kit that we offer for 85 euros. Since the sale goes very quickly, it may happen that our next delivery only takes 6 months. Brand Train Product Type Steam Engine Manufacturer Number ZR 757 5802 Year Of Manufacture 2015 PLEASE DO NOT ORDER IN ZENNER-SHOP WITH DIFFERENT CURRENCIES.

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