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Finished framing the windows on the front and rear walls of the cab, and glued the cab together.
The grill over the radiator fan isn't totally accurate but it looks pretty good, so I want to keep it. I poured in some more silicone, let it set, then removed the form and pulled the two halves apart.
And here's one of the brake cylinder castings after being painted with a coat of primer. The brake shoes on the original model are removable plastic pieces, and include a curved shape that is supposed to represent the sand line. Designed as a shunting engine, the Swiss Federal Railways ( SBB ) operated 83 units built by the Swiss Locomotive Works (SLM) in Winterthur between 1902 and 1915. For now I'm holding off on the electronics until I get the other modifications finished. Soon I will remove the existing grab irons, fill the holes, and replace them with new grab irons that will be larger and spaced more appropriately for the increased scale.
Too many interruptions, plus I wasted a lot of time trying out a technique that didn't work before settling on one that did.

Unfortunately that wrinkled a little in places, so I had to smooth it out with a little more spot putty. I replaced the original grab irons with new, slightly larger ones, spaced farther apart, as appropriate to the new larger scale. Unfortunately the holes are much narrower on the back then on the outside, in fact they're barely open. Everything listed has been collected it by myself for my own personal use and has been carefully looked after and refurbished. Included are all the parts to complete the model as seen, including the additional guards duckets that are available.
Most of the grabs are from Phil's Narrow Gauge, I just bent them a little to fit the corner positioning on the hood. I think they did make some RS-3's in narrow gauge for foreign use but they basically just moved the wheels closer together. So I reworked them, adding on new styrene bits to make the brake shoes a little larger and thicker, and also made the hardware stouter and more accurately shaped. They come with basic instruction but they are quite easy to put together, please study the photos, the first pictures are of my own completed wagon.

A scratch built model of the Welsh Highland Railway and Festiniog Railway Kerr Stuart diesel.
Since I'm working backwards and trying to scale up a smaller scaled, standard gauge loco, I have to take some liberties.
Then I pushed the master into the clay, and worked the clay in around it to make as clean an edge as possible. Leaving the master in place, I then coated the face of the first layer of silicone with a very thin coat of vaseline as a release agent. I had also made a simple one-piece mold of another part that will be used on the side frames, and cast that too. This is a scale locomotive and represents the condition the locomotive would have been in as a 3ft gauge locomotive in Ireland. Cleaned and serviced, this locomotive runs very well at low speeds and can pull a wide range of loads.

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