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It’s really tough to choose what toddler toys and games are appropriate for a preschool boy’s gift? What preschool boy wouldn’t LOVE to play with the Step2 Deluxe Workshop for hours and hours? When the tracks are assembled, this large set provides plenty of access to multiple areas of the train and accessories so its great for multiple toddlers to play, add the motorized train and its 2 wagons chugging around the tracks to the warehouse will provides hours of fun. Included in the LEGO Duplo Legoville Deluxe Train Set (5609) is 30 tracks (9 straight, 20 curved & 1 crossing) a conveyer belt and crane with loading functions, 3 Duplo figures for a total of 116 pieces in the box. The train’s cargo wagons can be loaded and unloaded at the warehouse using the conveyor belt or using the big loading crane. GeoTrax has become a favorite of little boys, because the set is compatible with other GeoTrax sets and can be expanded to include more elaborate set ups. This Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Set is a great way to encourage your little boys creativity and expression, with a train set that can stand up to any abuse he can give out. With nearly 100 wooden track sections and supports, and over 30 accessories, including a freight train, passenger train, and suspension bridge, the Melissa & Doug Wooden Railway Set is ideal for the young train engineer. Designed for children ages three and older, the set includes easy-to-follow instructions for four different track configurations, giving children hours of playtime as they build the perfect layout.
Nowadays, kids seem to be born with a computer chip in them, and these are some top rated and best selling electronic toddler toys any boy would love to play and learn with.
These Remote Control Vehicles are from Kid Galaxy the world’s most creative RC company.

To operate takes just a press of the buttons, one button makes it spin while the other makes it go straight. Anything you purchase through a link on this site helps us to stay at home together, where this Mom wants and needs to be.
If you'd like to read more about us and why we are choosing to be a work at home family, click the picture of me and my little princess above. Will it stand up to his rough play and will he be entertained or educated by it?These are questions that run through the minds of every parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle and friend who wants a gift for that favorite little boy.
It is big enough for more than one boy to play at a time.It features large work surface for the little builder who loves to work on projects just like Daddy or Grandpa. The LEGO Duplo Legoville Deluxe Train Set is any little engineer’s perfect setting to keep his imagination moving down the tracks. This deluxe cargo train set with everything your little preschool engineer needs to chug through the playroom. They use a unique steering wheel style remote and the chunky shape makes them perfect for little hands. I am a Mom to three amazing kids, two of those are fully grown and building their own life. We are participating in public school at home through a Virtual Charter Academy in our home state, so I wear many proverbial hats around the house. The Owner does not accept payment or merchandise from manufacturers in exchange for writing reviews.

A great introduction for any little boy to the world of building and creating with realistic looking accessories.There is a 50 piece accessory set that includes an electric drill, 2 drill bits, 8 screws, 8 nuts, a saw, hammer, pliers, adjustable wrench, screw driver, 17 “wood” pieces, plus bins and jars for storage, spring action vise and pretend shop vac. The most helpful comments spoke of the trains’ durability, expandability, ease of use, and hours of enjoyment for their children or grandchildren. My youngest, Sammie is the main inspiration for starting this blog - She is currently a first grader.
After all, what good would a train be without all the trappings – pieces of track, buildings, signs, and so on?Later on, some of the smaller, expansion sets were released that added to the Geotrax world in ways that were fitting and enjoyable for children.
Your child can’t do very much with an expansion that just contains a train engine, a car, or a bulldozer and perhaps a remote controller. You need several pieces of track to run the vehicle on at a bare minimum.Eventually, Fisher Price saw fit to essentially re-release many of their earlier sets, often with slight variations in number of pieces, or color of components, or functionality of certain items. My favorite instance of this is the Beamtown Fire Station being recast as the Riddler’s Joke Factory!Here then is a list of these starter sets and a brief description of (most of) what you can expect to get in a complete set.

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