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For the longest black women were a little chafed over corn rows becoming chic after the movie 10 hit.  We had been wearing them since the slave ships but they weren’t cool until Bo Derek jogged down the beach with a set in her head. I always wonder when I see some of these medically aided bums what they are going to look like in 40 years.  We have already seen what the first wave of breast implants look like after a lifetime of jiggling and well… it’s not cute. The term "Black Irish" is used almost exclusively outside of Ireland in reference to certain groups of people, although there is little agreement over the people to whom it applies and why. Throughout its history, the island of Ireland has been the destination for many waves of immigrants or invaders, including the Celts, the Vikings, the English and the Scottish. One theory about the origin of this term focuses on an event that took place in 1588, when more than 20 ships carrying members of the Spanish Armada wrecked on the coast of Ireland.
In the 1800s, many people believed that Irish people who had dark complexions were somehow related to Africans. This term also might have social or political origins rather than being based on genetic history or appearance.
Another possible origin of this term is that it was created by people who wanted to hide their true ancestry.
Not sure where the term comes from, but I know during Irish slavery when the Irish were shipped as white cargo to the Americas and the West Indies as slaves, they were bred with African slaves to so called "create" a better and cheaper slave (than an African slave).
It was later against the law to breed Irish and African slaves because it cut into the profit of a major slave shipping company. My grandparents tell me in old times there was a class system, and that's when the term started. We are of a very old family, as everyone knows Ireland did have several tribes of people living on Ireland.
If your family history says your ancestors were from Ireland, well then, you have Irish ancestry. Ireland is an island that has been invaded throughout history, and there are thousands of people from several countries who moved there, and for whatever reason marry and have children. My cousin, who is currently an Irish citizen, married a girl from Brazil and their children are citizens of Ireland. My grandfather was a miner in Ireland, moved to Montana to work the mines, and my grandmother moved from Ireland to New York to work in the hospital. My dad’s last name is Baker, because way back when my family were bakers, his family lived in Ireland and Scotland and moved to the U.S.
For all of you who posted your family was referred to as being black Irish, look what they did for a living. To me, an American growing up with Irish parents, my take on it, is be proud if your parents or grandparents say they are black Irish. Can I just refer some of you to the great work by Stephen Oppenheimer to put the Irish genetic ancestry debate here to bed. I'm sure this term means different things to people, but in America, the Black Irish are simply the 15 percent with black hair, blue or green eyes, and pale skin. Maybe it was because of some naughty priests who came from the south and had illegitimate babies. At what point does even the most jaded of ass aficionados look at a young lady and say ahhh..
In many cases, it refers to people of Irish ancestry who have features that are darker than stereotypical Irish features — blue or green eyes, reddish hair and pale skin.
Its uses and meanings vary so widely that it might have been created in different places and at different times for different reasons. As these groups were assimilated into Irish society and mixed with the previous inhabitants of the island, different physical characteristics became more common among the Irish.

Many of the men were killed in the wrecks, and many of the survivors were put to death by Irish soldiers.
Africans and people who had dark features were often held in distaste and considered to be inferior. Some people believe that the word "black," in this case, refers to the "dark" intentions of groups of people who invaded Ireland, so their descendants might be referred to as Black Irish. For example, it is believed that some American Indians — including Cherokees — described themselves as Black Irish during the early 1800s to avoid being driven off their land. I'm half British, a quarter Irish and a predominant 10 percent Iberian as opposed to Italian or Greek. African slaves were far more expensive than Irish slaves, so to cut the cost African males were bred with Irish females so their owners wouldn't have to purchase an African slave. The black Irish were the workers, since most Irish are white, so they needed a way to separate the nobles from the poor. Most of the men in my family worked in mines or pits, while the women were maids or some type of healer.
My great grand mother was Dutch, her family was called black Dutch, because they worked for a living.
My grandparents and my parents said it was a common slur to identify the lower class from the upper class. It is an island and has been invaded several times throughout its history, and all speak of the land being occupied. If they are from Scotland, I guess you’re Scottish and the same thing for the English, Welsh, etc. I'm a descendent of the Fitzgeralds who were Normans that were given lands in Ireland by the Brits.
The people of Ireland, SW England and parts of Wales have a very strong similarity with Iberia from 7,000 to 15,000 years ago. I myself am of Irish descent with darker features and was interested in the term black Irish. Irish people who have dark hair, brown eyes and dark complexions are often referred to as Black Irish. Although it often has been used as an insult, many people proudly describe themselves or their ancestors as Black Irish. Many people believe that the term "Black Irish" was created to refer to those whose features were darker than those of typical Irish people, possibly because of ancestors who emigrated from Spain or Portugal. A handful of the survivors fled to Scotland, but it is believed to be unlikely that any of them ever made it past the beaches of Ireland and unlikely that any of them could have made a significant genetic contribution to the people of Ireland. In 1862, John Beddoe, an esteemed ethnologist, published Races of Britain, in which he described people of Celtic descent as having features similar to those of African descent. Another possibility is that poor immigrants from Ireland during the Great Famine of the late 1840s were called this term in their new country.
The term "Black Dutch" also is believed to have been used by American Indians for this purpose. Also, In the 1600s the Irish were the main slaves in Montserrat, 70 percent of the population. My My dad’s family bible goes back 400 years, with most of the writing in old Gaelic, and old French and English.
You don't hear of wealthy people moving to a new country for a better life and say I’m black Irish. I'm not saying it’s not a racial thing, but my family is white and from Ireland, and yet both sides of my family moved to get away from the problems going on at the time in Ireland.

Genetically and ethnically however, the Irish are of the Basque region and Northern Africa before that. Black Irish might be a bad thing to some people, but I haven't met a single one who wasn't incredibly good looking. My father is half Irish and half Italian.When I was young, my hair was jet black and I have green and brown eyes, or hazel. I know through my families' research that I have quite a few ancestors from Spain and Portugal, including a whole family of upper class Spanish merchants whom arrived in Ireland about 200 years ago. In some places, at times, immigrants from Ireland have been called this term, often in a derogatory manner. It is considered to be more likely that a group of Spanish soldiers who served under Irish chiefs around the same time stayed in the country long enough to father children.
In Ireland, 1847 was called Black '47 because thousands of people died from famine and disease, and people who emigrated from Ireland to escape these conditions might have been referred to as Black Irish. Whether the Armada story played into it or just northern immigration from Spain to western Ireland, the Black Irish are indeed connected to Spanish ancestry!
They were the Neanderthals, who had arrived from Africa tens of thousands of years earlier, and the more recent modern humans, also known as Cro-Magnons. Ireland is like America: a melting pot of several nationalities mixing with the current population to create new genetics, new language and new culture.
Her family were healers, and there are several family notes that write about a woman's death as drowning, burning, suspected for being a witch. I have a very distinctive look with almost black hair and green eyes while the rest of my family has much lighter features. There are even believed to be some people who are not of Irish descent who have used this term to refer to themselves in order to conceal their true ancestry.
The term also might have originated in the West Indies, where some Catholics are believed to have used it to describe Protestant immigrants from Ireland.
Although the skull is similar to a modern human head, it has a larger cranium, is more robust and has larger molars. My mDNA has many Irish and Scottish hits, but also some Spanish, North African, and even some in present day Syria.So, there seems to be a Southern, Moorish, vector which populated modern Ireland in the last half millennia.
Throughout history, my family has been referred as black Irish, not for any other thing than being a member of the working class, not of noble birth. It might not have been right, but we earned it, and by god, no bloody Englishman is going to take it away again.
Even Caesar spoke about him when he came to Europe in the last millennium to teach the caved wellers how to read, and write.There were Black Kings of Ireland. Although it is impossible to work out the skin color of the prehistoric hunter, it is likely to have been darker than modern white Europeans. You don't say we'll I have white skin so I must be European, or I have tan skin and black hair so I must be from Mexico or Spain.
I never heard of it until I asked what was he telling me.Two weeks ago, I had my eyes checked and got new glasses.
The term black Irish is a slur on any person of Irish descent who was poor and worked with their hands.

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