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First utilized by Scottish gamekeepers, Lovat Scouts of the British Army became the first military branch to use the suits during the Second Boer War, 1879 – 1915. Available color schemes cover pretty much the full range of camouflage including Dessert, MARPAT, ACU, Sunokamo, Woodland, and standard black, army green etc. While military grade Ghillie uniforms can cost a pretty packed to purchase in good condition – due to the cost of the high quality materials and the 80 + man hours it requires to stich the ghillie strands into the suit – you can find cheaper versions online if you’re simply looking for a little extra cover when you’re paintballing or hunting, or even shooting nature documentaries. A ghillie suit, or yowie suit, is a type of camouflage clothing designed to resemble heavy foliage. It features an integrated hood and wide 550 cord grid work for garnish and foliage attachment. With individual strands designed to replicate heavy foliage, the Ghillie suit is the most lightweight camouflage hunting blind available.

Snipers and hunters may wear a ghillie suit to blend into their surroundings when they feel it is important for them to camouflage and hide themselves from enemies or their targets. Galaxy Army Navy is your online military store and army navy store for tactical clothing and gear. The suit body is constructed from a strong lightweight mesh material to keep ventilation high and weight low.
When manufactured correctly, the suit will move in the wind in the same way as surrounding foliage. Ghillie suits have been used in military simulation and in milsim-themed paintball and airsoft games. Ready to wear lightweight and comfortable camouflage for all seasons and mixed terrain including woodland, fields and junble environments.

Even though ghillie suits are highly affective, temperatures tend to rise when wearing the ghillie suit. If you plan to wear the ghillie suit in a hot environment we recommend you should purchase a light weight of ultra light weight ghillie suit.
Ghillie Suits are also known as paintball sniper gillie covers, cheap discounted hunting camouflages, government issued field combat gears, army navy tactical blended clothing, etc. Ghillie Suits are commonly misspelled as camo pants, shillies bushrags, yowie geers, military suites, gilley nettings, gilly paintballs, guili overalls, guile camoflage bdus, guilly acus, etc.

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